Biden’s Thanksgiving SNUB to Americans

The President jetted off to Nantucket for the holiday, where he spent Thanksgiving with a billionaire. And he scoffs at the fifteen percent increase the average family faces for a traditional turkey dinner. Because no one in his circle had to worry about how to fill the table.

It’s just an extra six dollars, right? Of course, that number is what leftists admit to. Furthermore, it’s the number reported by many mainstream media outlets. Which means six dollars is merely a drop in the bucket.

Let’s get real. The person who came up with this “six dollar rise” in the cost of a turkey dinner probably just added up the cost of a turkey, some canned cranberry sauce, and a box of Stove-top stuffing. Then, they estimated how many people that should feed, and divided the cost of the dinner by the number of guests. But that’s definitely not the way Thanksgiving rolls out in my family.

We do the whole table of horderves, a huge spread of turkeys, hams, special potatoes, corn casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, fruit salad, garden salad, devilled eggs, and then a table of desserts. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, cookies, the list goes on and on. And I promise you, the bill didn’t just rise by $6.

Shockingly, if we call that $6 rise a per person expense, well our dinner went up a good $112 (using Biden’s math).

Unfortunately, it’s not just the food that we have to budget carefully. It’s the travel. Gas is twice as expensive. If Grandma was more than a thirty minute drive, there’s a very real possibility that thousands of Americans couldn’t fill the tank. For us, the gas was $40, making our total increase $152 so far. And you can bet my paycheck didn’t have an extra $150 in it this week, or even this month.

I find this particularly amusing, or shall I say upsetting, because Biden bragged that a Fourth of July barbecue would run 16 cents less in 2021 than it did in 2020. Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving feasts shredded that savings in a millisecond. In fact, if you do a little percent increase calculator, the rise between a sixteen-cent savings and a six-dollar increase is 3,850%. Per person. But hey, let’s go ahead and congratulate Biden for saving us a dime, a nickel, and a penny last summer.

But it wasn’t just a turkey dinner letdown. The sadder part happened on Black Friday.

Black Friday Bust

Admittedly, I went into Black Friday feeling quite emotional. My father and I hit the stores at 5am almost every single year since I became an adult. I loved going through the circulars, planning our attack, and lining up as early as 5am to get inside. The stores would be jam packed and loaded with deals. For nearly 25 years, that’s when I did the bulk of my holiday shopping.

Sadly, my father died on Christmas Day last year, and covid stole what would’ve been our last Black Friday together. So, I wasn’t even planning to do Black Friday. But my daughter showed up at my house at 6am to drag me out.

Now, I haven’t seen the official numbers. And I’m pretty sure we’ll be fed some line about how we have a healthy, robust economy. However, I was in the actual stores. And this is what I saw:


There were no people, no awesome deals, no cool merchandise, and no lines at the register. With the many supply chain issues we’re facing, I expected there to be a fear factor. I figured shoppers would be out in droves to snatch up whatever they could.

But as my daughter and I went aisle by aisle at our local Walmart, we realized what all the other shoppers here in small-town Texas already knew. It’s not even worth getting up early for. Not this year.

The scary thing is, we’re year one with this so-called leader. Obviously, our economy is in the toilet. There’s no saving us. Thanks to the Big Cheat, everything we built over the past four years is gone. And while we’re already worried about Christmas dinner, our lost leader is still licking the spoon in Nantucket.



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