Don Lemon Vacations MASKLESS…in FLORIDA

In yet another showcase of hypocritical behavior, Don Lemon and his partner vacationed maskless in Florida.

I repeat, the man who decries the maskless and anti-vaxxers at every turn vacationed with the very same sodomites. Oops.

This hypocrisy didn’t go unnoticed by a female New Yorker who obviously moved to Florida to escape the Don Lemon’s of New York. Watch as her question caused Team Lemon to move along.


The woman filming Lemon comments:

“I wanna thank you. Don Le-moan, right? I wanna thank you. Thank you so much. And you’re in the great state of Florida.”

The woman is obviously chiding Lemon and his companion. This causes the two to pick up their wares and begin to leave.

The woman then says with obvious sarcasm,

“I hope you guys enjoy it. You can enjoy it. Thank you for exposing everything. Cause we love you in Florida.”

Tweeters were happy to chime in:

Of course, even top Biden officials admit masks are useless. But that doesn’t stop Lemon and his “esteemed colleagues” from continuing to push the public to cover their faces.

Understand that Lemon comes to Florida to do what he and other New Yorkers cannot do in their sh*thole city. Which is to walk around freely. But Florida might want to take a note from Donald Trump and close the border.

I suggest to Governor DiSantis that he BAN all New Yorkers with the following traits- labeling them as carriers:

    • Registered Democrat
    • Voted for Biden
    • Got vaccinated
    • Ever said a negative thing about the non-vaccinated on social media
    • Ever said a negative thing about Governor DiSantis

And that’s just for starters.

Once DeSantis makes his move, other governors can follow suit. I’d put my money on Governor Greg Abbott to go next.

Texas will gladly kick out anyone pushing vaccines on their Facebook page, Karens who pass out masks, and leftists supporting Biden’s hairbrained idea to give illegals a half-million dollar payout for the emotional distress coming to America caused.

That should pretty well get rid of all the idiots. Except for Lemon. He’s like the cockroach who crawls out of the cracks after a nuclear blast annihilates the city.






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