Kamala Harris Got a RUDE Reception

Kamala Harris is a bigger joke than her feckless leader, Captain Demento. And Americans are letting them know.

With apparently nothing better to do during the nuclear meltdown of their fraudulent administration, Harris decided to stink up Carnegie Hall. But I’m betting she didn’t expect this greeting.

Harris was vigorously booed. And outside was worse:

The crowd chanted,

Kamala is a wh*re!

Careful. Truth like that can get a person fired from a national cable TV network.

Recall how Harris got her reputation? Let’s just say she attended the Blasey-Ford School for Skanks.

Perhaps this crew could use a reporter to soften this message to a “Let’s go, Brandon!”? In this case, hundreds of protesters joined in to remind Harris of her past. But don’t worry too much about her. Harris always lands on her back.

After their affair, Brown supported Harris in her successful 2003 run for San Francisco district attorney. However, Harris didn’t repay the patronage, instead distancing herself from Brown.

In an interview with SF Weekly, Harris called Brown “albatross hanging around my neck,” clearly in reference to corruption allegations against Brown.

Harris continued,

“His career is over; I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing”.

And in yet another broken campaign promise Harris vowed, “If there is corruption, it will be prosecuted.”

I alluded to Harris’ boss earlier. So what celebration would be complete without a tribute to the man who supposedly got more votes than Baby Black Jesus.

Listen as the crowd chants their felicitations to Captain Demento.

Yes, that was a parting shot to former New York City Mayor di Blasio.

Folks, this happened in New York City. The Leftist enclave, or so we are to believe. But these supposed Leftists have turned on their handlers.




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