“Let’s Go Brandon” Annihilates Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Remember the “Women’s March” that took place on Donald Trump’s inauguration day? Madonna was hailed a hero when she exclaimed: Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House, but I know that this won’t change anything.”

The profanity laden speech was so bad, CNN had to cut away early. Meanwhile, liberals cheered her on for weeks. Then, Snoop Dogg gave conservatives the the proverbial finger during his interview with XXL Magazine when he said, “Donald Trump is a f–king weirdo, “if you voted for him, I don’t have no problem with that. But if you’re still with him, f–k you.”

Snoop’s quotes came long after he used a fake gun to shoot a clown dressed like Trump in his 2017 music video. I didn’t hear any liberals jumping in to say Snoop went too far. Of course, our country has seen Presidents assassinated. So for someone of Snoop Dogg’s caliber to put out a message like that could be very dangerous. Imagine if a deranged Snoop follower decided to act out that video in real life? But such criticisms fell on deaf ears.

In fact, the list of celebrities and athletes that took to mainstream media to express their disdain for President Trump is virtually endless. More than that, such rhetoric was encouraged and cheered on by the left. So why are liberals feeling so “butt-hurt” these days?

Blame it on Brandon!

By now, the cheers of “let’s go Brandon” have reached every corner of the country. And leftists are feeling very triggered.

It all started October 3rd, when a reporter interviewing Nascar driver Brandon Brown “mistook” a chant from the crowd. Instead of hearing “F**K Joe Biden,” she “thought” they were shouting “Let’s Go Brandon!!” I say “thought” because I have a theory. Of course, I could be wrong, but I believe that reporter just wanted to dub over the crowd. Leftists have a way of covering for Biden that is truly unsettling.

The slogan has morphed into a conservative battle cry. Honestly, I don’t understand all the hoopla. This is about as PG as a political statement could be. Especially these days. There’s nothing vulgar about it. Yet, Macklemore once led his crowd in a “F–k Donald Trump!” chant at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix. Concert-goers were met with haters holding up their middle fingers while shouting obscenities. Again, that’s ok, because the target was  President Trump.

According to Fox News, even the New York Times published a “fantasy assassination” that drew some criticism.

[The story was] a fictional account of Trump being gunned down by a Russian assassin with a Glock belonging to his own Secret Service in a short story dubbed “assassination fantasy” by critics.

A short story titled “How it Ends” by Zoe Sharp was a chilling tale about a drunken Russian’s plot to murder the president with a Makarov pistol. Sharp’s particular story didn’t mention Trump by name, but it was no secret as the collection of stories was headlined “Five novelists imagine Trump’s next chapter.”

“The Russian waited until they were a few steps past before he drew the gun. He sighted on the center of the president’s back, and squeezed the trigger,” Sharp wrote. “The Makarov misfired.”

Then comes the twist in Sharp’s fantasy, as the failed assassination attempt resulted in the disappointed Russian would-be killer tasting failure and waiting for the Secret Service to intervene.

“He closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost. It did not come. He opened his eyes. The Secret Service agent stood before him, presenting his Glock, butt first,” Sharp wrote. “’Here,’ the agent said politely. ‘Use mine…’”

At the time, the Times defended the story as a “work of fiction” that was as part of a package penned by a range of spy and crime novelists.

I even recall a play in Central Park that was closed down after an assassination attempt was acted out. And while the play was closed, leftists criticized the shutdown as an attack on free speech. Leftists didn’t care much about personal freedoms until they needed permission to show their asses. Thus, they defend the kind of free speech that allows Robert De Niro to shout “F*ck Donald Trump” at the Tony Awards.

The Goose and the Gander

There’s an old saying- “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” But leftists don’t seem to get the drift. Instead, the hypocrisy is outrageous. Leftists can literally act out the death of a sitting president, and that’s alright. But conservatives can’t cheer on a guy from Nascar? Ok, I admit there is hidden meaning in “Let’s Go Brandon,” but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a benign statement next to a promise to burn down the White House, or shoot Trump with a Glock.

But I get it, Joe Biden is fragile. So fragile that he can’t hold up under such stressful circumstances. Now, the entire country knows what a ginormous mistake Democrats made. It’s impossible to ignore. Especially as gas and grocery prices continue to gouge the American people. As the president continues to fail us, and frustrations continue to grow, “Let’s Go Brandon” will soon be replaced by something leftists more easily understand. I’m thinking “Impeach 46.”





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