MSNBC New Host Calling it Quits

While CNN is considered the Father of Fake News, MSNBC is certainly the step-baby-daddy.

When you consider that their venerable host, Brian Williams took a page from Obama’s book and lied about almost all aspects of his life, you get my drift.

Back in 2015 Williams got outed for lying. As it turned out, Williams embellished details of stories, all in an attempt to make himself look better.

Obama did this to get elected, essentially creating a fake life. His father the goat-herder who went to Harvard. And the much maligned composite girlfriend, when in fact Obama is the Left’s most notable bi-sexual, at least according to Larry Sinclair.

But I digress. Page Six reports,

Brian Williams has announced he’s quitting MSNBC next month after nearly three decades with NBC News.

Williams, 62, had been working in the relative hinterlands of the NBC news family for years, scrabbling to turn “The 11th Hour” into a hit following his six-month suspension in 2015 for falsifying details of stories that he’d covered, including one about taking enemy fire while riding in a helicopter in Iraq.

In a note seen by Page Six, he wrote to staff Tuesday: “Following much reflection, and after 28 years with the company, I have decided to leave NBC upon the completion of my current contract in December.”

Reflection? How did this guy keep his job in the first place. And talk about pulling down some serious coin, this guy made money on Hunter-Bidenian levels:

Williams’ reflection likely involved his bank account. “Brian,” an NBC source explains, “was still on the Andy Lack deal, which was something crazy like $7 million a year. But his contract was up for renewal next month and there was no way they were going to pay him that money for an 11 p.m. show. Plus Greg Gutfeld over on Fox News has been literally killing him in the ratings.”

If you can’t beat Gutfeld, shame on you. All that would be required for this is a simple format change: like TRUTH news.

Watching Williams is like watching two blind people do sign language. So said the people. Thus, as the article suggests, Williams didn’t want a pay cut.

The source continued, “Brian told [current NBC News president] Noah Oppenheim that he’s tired of being up so late, he wants to go and work on his own independent projects — he has no other deal with another network. But many insiders believe that he didn’t want to do that 11 p.m. show for a drastically smaller salary.”

If MSNBC were smart, they would consider a NEW show. Hosted by Kevin Jackson. Because I guarantee them my show would cut into Gutfeld’s numbers; not that he is the high-water mark.

Trust me, much bigger numbers could be accomplished.

As for Williams, who knows where he will go. President, perhaps? After all, look at what being a pathological liar did for Biden’s unimpressive career.

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