Texas Law Enforcement Infuriates Team Biden

Last year, a Biden campaign bus rolled through Texas. And a Trump train chased them out of the state.

For me, the event cemented Trump’s loyal base. The election was days away. All across the nation, Trump parades popped up. Kevin Jackson witnessed the parade in Phoenix. That parade was estimated to be a whopping thirty miles long!

Meanwhile, I attended the Milam Country parade. Of course, I live in a town with a population of 5,500 people. My entire county is a bit shy of 25k people. That’s barely a blip in comparison of the 1.67M people who reside in Phoenix. Still, our county parade was a good eighteen miles long! That’s a lot of cars waving Trump flags and displaying their unwavering support.

It’s worth noting that nothing violent occurred during these parades.

Further, as we made a ginormous circle around our county, I only saw 3 Biden supporters come out and wave their posters. And they were huddled closely together, likely a family. In other words, Biden’s base was non-existent.

Ironically, I also stumbled upon a Trump parade in Austin. Again, the Trump supporters were all positive, cheering for one another, and showing their American pride. However, it didn’t take long for some liberal to lose his crap. He weaved in and out of traffic, unfazed by his chances of causing a major collision.

My mom captured the lunatic on video.

At the time, I commented on the decidedly different attitudes from conservatives vs. liberals.

Notice none of the Trumpers decided to engage with this moron. Although, I’m fairly certain a few of those country boys in big trucks could’ve easily run him over. Instead, conservatives acted with class. They sent a message. But they refused to resort to vandalism, violence, or outright stupidity. They weren’t littering, looting, or threatening the opposition. Heck, these Trumpers were even social distancing, a practice conservatives know to be unnecessary, which is quite ironic considering what happened next.

Later That Night

Once I made my trek back home, I turned on the evening news. Exactly what did I see? Austin protesters completely out of hand!

The Austin protests ended with a great deal of police intervention. To quote the mainstream media, “police and protesters clashed.” Several arrests were made. And I can’t help but notice, when you put them side to side, the Trump parade was peaceful from start to finish. Even the looney liberal was unable to spark a violent response.

A few days later, the Biden bus rolled into Texas. After eight months of hiding in the basement, Biden tried to make up for lost time. Somehow, Democrats managed to pull off a coup big enough to flip the election, but know this. Biden didn’t flip Texas. And he knew he wouldn’t flip the Lone Star State the moment his bus was told to take a hike.

Remember, these Texas did some honking, maybe a little waving of one particular phalange. But they didn’t trash the buses, or throw tear gas. Texans didn’t vandalize vehicles or threaten bodily harm. They simply gave a big ole Texas sized welcome worthy of a man like Joe Biden.

Now, a federal lawsuit in involved!

This has to be a case of what they call “butt-hurt.” Biden and team hate to admit it, but all the California transplants failed to turn Texas blue. And now liberals feel some type of way, so they’re suing.

The allegation is that police in San Marcos, Texas “refused to help a Joe Biden campaign bus that was confronted by former President Donald Trump supporters on a freeway in 2020.”

According to Newsweek:

The amended lawsuit, which was filed late Friday, included transcribed recordings that reveal multiple requests for assistance made by Democratic campaigners and bus passengers who felt threatened by a group of motorists, known as the “Trump Train,” driving dangerously on the freeway, the Texas Tribune reported.

San Marcos Police Corporal Matthew Daenzer, who was the police supervisor that day, reportedly refused to provide police escort to the bus, according to the lawsuit.

A 911 dispatcher in San Marcos took a call from a Biden campaign staffer who expressed concerns about feeling in danger and asked for help. The San Marcos dispatcher, who was also in contact with a dispatcher in New Braunfels about the situation, then called Daenzer to relay the message of the campaign staffer asking for assistance.

“I am so annoyed at New Braunfels for doing this to us,” the dispatcher told Daenzer, who was laughing after answering the call, according to the lawsuit. “They have their officers escorting this Biden bus, essentially, and the Trump Train is cutting in between vehicles and driving — being aggressive and slowing them down to like 20 or 30 miles per hour. And they want you guys to respond to help.”

“No, we’re not going to do it. We will ‘close patrol’ that, but we’re not going to escort a bus,” Daenzer responded to the request, according to the Texas Tribune.

Once again, the leftist hypocrisy is on FULL DISPLAY.

According to the article:

The Trump Train encounter with the Biden bus prompted Texas Democrats to cancel three campaign events that were scheduled in Central Texas at the time due to “safety concerns.”

The lawsuit reportedly accused the San Marcos law enforcement officers of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 for refusing to provide assistance despite being aware of “acts of violent political intimidation” by Trump supporters.

However, Trump supporters have been told they couldn’t fly Trump flags at their own homes. Schools enacted rules against wearing MAGA hats or t-shirts, despite allowing Obama shirts. And let’s not even start discussing the violent nature of liberal rallies or protests. These people shut down entire cities, banning the police from rescuing injured parties. Yet, that’s okay, because (as Nancy Pelosi put it) people will do what people do. Just as long as they don’t support Donald Trump.



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