Wither Black Multiculturalism

Q: Why do so many black people adhere to multiculturalist values when racial multiculturalism has never helped, and only been a detriment to us?

A: Because of black pride which resists assimilation and integration.

The social advantages black Americans would have over all immigrants has been mitigated by refusal to integrate and assimilate. The idea of ‘keeping whitey on the hook’ has destroyed a common bond that would be much stronger today were it not for this refusal of the ‘melting pot’ idea of America. Instead many black Americans have wanted the ‘salad bowl’ idea of America where nothing truly blends. So for them, the accentuation of black culture as something apart, or even oppositional or Afrocentric worked well with the chunky multiculturalism.

Black Nationalism and Multiculturalism

Over time this multicultural ethos came to bear little resemblance to something approaching multilingual capacity, but became a retreat into the kind of separatism reminiscent of black nationalism. People actually believe that ‘cultural appropriation’ is real. To this day comics still do the black people white people jokes, and they are not considered an embarrassment. This has made it very easy for anyone to see through the thin veneer of culture to race. And so people are more color struck today than 30 years ago when Affirmative Action was seen as a strategy for integration, where now ‘diversity’ is a racial entitlement for some, and its expected to come at the expense of others.

Today the ideas of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘systemic racism’ are casually asserted on the slightest bit of evidence, whereas 30 years ago the real bankruptcy and destruction of the KKK and skinhead gangs put those fears to rest. But now Americans assert, without proof, that all are guilty of racial crimes against ‘people of color’ with absolutely no clues about world history and what real sectarian and ethnic conflict looks like. Perhaps only our military personnel with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan truly know, having seen it up close. It is not ironical at all that American armed forces stand by the principle of integration and assimilation into a single culture of shared values including life and death commitments to each other and the chain of command.

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Domestic Tranquility

I am convinced that the first world fatuity of these multicultural, intersectional Karens will continue to backfire and self-destruct in increasingly shrill ideological turf wars. As people already do, the disbelief in the usefulness of their disruptions of domestic tranquility will increase, especially now that there is a Democrat in the White House. The multicultural political agenda is a morally bankrupt performance poetry slam. Half of the audience is snoring, and the other half looking for rotten vegetables to throw over the heads of the fanboys in the front row.

Black Americans, as ever, will pick and choose their reasons and directions and despite how diverse they are in their tens of millions, they will continue to be stereotyped by activism. The illusion of black political consent for radicalism and oppositionalism will continue, completely dismissive of reality. Just as today, when it is obvious the black American police are numerically overrepresented, their presence and actions will be ignored by political activism. People will quote ‘f*ck the police’ as if all black America thinks like and respects NWA. Such activists will pretend that MLK should be forgotten and St George Floyd get more statues and murals. However, black diversity is real. So is history.

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