Biden Tries to Look Tough on Crime

Joey Demento remains an albatross around the skinny neck of the Democrats. The man has not a single policy they can tout.

China pushes Biden around like he’s an Indian on the Trial of Tears. Every time he looks around, somebody slaps him. The old clown constantly makes reference to getting permission to answer questions. Or worse, he concedes the presidency to whomever he mentions; most recently Fauci the Fraud.

In one of Biden’s first faux pas as newly crowned dictator, he neglected America’s border. After all, he had Dr Jill to tend to at the time, and his equally demented pet German shepherds were biting Secret Service handlers.

So the border went unaddressed. Thus the problems in America that come from open borders continued.

Democrat mayors allow “catch and release” of violent criminal illegals. This idiocy added to the “Jussie Smollett-like” justice system led to the inevitable: criminals run the streets with immunity.

Now Biden must act tough.

The New York Post reported on a massive arrest:

More than 300 people were arrested and $4 million seized at the end of a six-month operation aimed at apprehending alleged gang members and other violent offenders in Texas, federal officials announced.

The investigation, named Operation Triple Beam, produced 351 arrests, including 92 alleged gang members, the confiscation of 86 guns, $4,360,968 and 32 kilos of illicit drugs, according to the US Marshal Service. The probe — headed by the Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force in cooperation with several federal and state agencies — stretched from April 7 to Sept. 30.

The investigation zeroed in on street and prison gangs that operate in Nueces, Aransas and San Patricio counties in the Lone Star State, the US Marshals Service revealed.

In case you missed the nuance of the story, 300 “people” were arrested. People, huh? Please elaborate on these “people”.

351, but only 92 of them were “gang members”. Who were the others?

Let’s recap before exploring other details. 300 “people”, of which 92 were “gang members” with 86 guns. And these people were all from Texas?

Moving on, what were these “people” transporting? 32 kilos of illicit drugs.

I’m guessing that these “people” represented Mexican cartels. And they have been using the Texas border as a gateway for drugs, human trafficking, and who knows what else. But the Biden Administration doesn’t want us to put two and two together. Which begs the question: why not? What are they really hiding?


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