Biden Induces Army to Secure Southern Border

After inviting hundreds of thousands of illegals to make a run for the Southern border, Joey Demento now ignores the problem. And like most problems, this one just got bigger.

As reported by The New York Post,

Thousands of migrants mostly from Central America broke out of the Mexican southern border city of Tapachula and continued their march toward the US, more than 1,000 miles away.

Over 2,000 migrants pushed past a line of state authorities who were positioned to block their progress. Some minor scuffles left a small child injured.

The migrants — some of whom were carrying American flags and signs with President Joe Biden’s name — walked to a nearby town to camp on a baseball field for the night, according to Fox News.

A man from Honduras said he had been in Tapachula for two months, waiting for an answer on his visa request.

“They told me I had to wait because the appointments were full,” said José Antonio, a construction worker who declined to give his last name. “There is no work there so out of necessity I joined this group.”

These illegals are doing what everybody expects. They are challenging a demented fool to try to stop them.

Biden requested military intervention in September.

The Biden administration has requested the Pentagon send the military to the southern border to help regain control after thousands of Haitian migrants swarmed over the Rio Grande into Texas.

The admission was the first time Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has confirmed DHS is seeking the Pentagon’s help. It comes amid a crisis in south-central Texas, where at least 15,000 migrants illegally crossed by the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge late last week.

“The approach has been an all-of-federal-government effort and, frankly, an all-of-federal-government effort in partnership with state and local authorities in the civil society. And the Department of Defense is evaluating a request for assistance, and we hope that will come to fruition very shortly,” Mayorkas said during a press conference Monday afternoon after touring the area.


Virtually no federal law enforcement is on guard at the border’s riverbank, as all are busy processing and transporting the record-high number of illegal immigrants in custody in Del Rio. Absent the federal government’s presence, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deployed state troopers statewide to patrol and deter people — though they cannot arrest someone for illegal entry, as it is a federal offense.

A show of force from a toothless tiger.

Biden was backed into a corner when Border Patrol went after Haitians on horseback. These illegals know how to play to the media.

Recall that the caravans tried this under Trump. And he met them at the border with force. Further, Trump instructed Mexico to do its part to stop this horde of illegals. Mexico obliged.

I don’t think they will feel quite the obligation given that America now has a moron at the helm.

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