Biden’s Poll Numbers Have Dug their way to CHINA

The most popular president in modern history finds himself in a pickle. His numbers don’t seem to match his pre-election popularity.

Put another way, Biden’s poll numbers prove that the man didn’t get 81 million votes even if you allowed the Chinese to vote for him.

In another shocking (not really) poll, Biden’s approval rating fell to 36.3 percent. Under 37 percent. OUCH!

But it gets worse. More than half of registered voters strongly disapprove of his job. In fairness to Biden, the poll was conducted from Nov. 26 to Nov. 29 by Republican-leaning Trafalgar Group and Convention of States. But Biden isn’t fairing much better on Left-leaning polls, as most have him hovering around 37 percent.

Of the current poll, 18.1 percent of respondents “strongly approve” of Biden’s handling of the job. Another 18.2 percent chose “approve” as the answer.

Frankly, I find these numbers fascinating; because who in their right mind (except moronic Leftists) would think that Biden is performing well enough to “strongly approve” of his actions? I mean, seriously; does the pharmaceutical industry have that many votes? Because that’s the only group truly benefitting in Biden’s economy.

Now the really bad news for Bozo.

52.2 percent of those polled “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s performance in office. A solid plurality, certainly when compared to the approval numbers. Still, the negatives get another boost, as 6.9 percent of respondents “disapprove” of Biden’s performance.

Thus, Biden’s overall disapproval rating rises to 59.1 percent.

Campaigning with Biden is dangerous. If you don’t believe me, ask former Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

Like Obama in 2010 and later, candidates should avoid asking Biden for help. Beto “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke seems to be avoiding asking Biden for help in his gubernatorial bid in the Lone Star state. Clearly Beto can lose all by himself (just ask Ted Cruz).

How low can Biden go?

Believe it or not, I predict Biden’s number will worsen. He’s backed himself into a corner with Wuflu. You can’t promote variants indefinitely, while trying to stimulate the economy. Further, his $6 trillion theft from the economy will come to roost.

Symptoms of this are already showing up in what pundits call “Bidenflation”. But this situation will worsen for Biden for the reasons stated earlier, as well as Biden’s abject incompetence.

The biggest problem for Biden and the idiots who support him is that his incompetence hits Americans in the gut. High gas and other fuel prices impact people daily. Also, high food prices cause people to look deeply at candidates.

While Americans have every right to be upset at the massive cheating done by Democrats to place Biden in office, we have much to celebrate. Because Democrats can’t hide behind his crappy performance. Biden can’t be graded on Affirmative Action or any other scale.

What’s next for Biden?

More bad news. Already the media try to pump up Biden with ridiculous comments about Biden bringing down the cost of gas. Sure. If prices dropping from $5.50 per gallon to $5.48 per gallon is a savings? I guess if you forget that Biden raised the price of gasoline by over $2 per gallon to begin with. They use the same trick at Walmart to pretend they’re “rolling back the savings.”

Biden’s just a failed rich white Democrat. Expect Trump to remind people of this in 2024 when he takes his rightful place back in the Oval Office.


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