Breaking: If you apply for this job, I have half a mind to hunt YOU down!

Ever wonder how Nazi Germany came to be? It started when ordinary men were willing to carry out evil atrocities against their fellow men (or women and children for those who will make a stink if not mentioned specifically).

If you don’t see the parallels between the WuFlu and Nazi Germany, you’re blinded.

I stumbled across this tweet and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Austria is willing to pay people to turn in the nonvaxxed. You could get reported for not being sick, and practicing your basic human rights.

To those willing to take this job: shame on you! You might as well get a swastika tattooed on your forehead so the rest of the world knows to avoid you like the plague. In fact, if you’re willing to do this job, I’d like to personally hunt you down and leave an impression on your politics.

It looks as though Twitter agrees with me.

Stage of Genocide # 7

I wish I could say every response reflected the same common sense as the previous tweets. But we’re not that lucky. Sadly, leftism isn’t just a problem in America. It’s a global infection, much like the WuFlu, but far more dangerous.

Obviously, you can escape the WuFlu unscathed. I have, twice. But leftism always leaves a scar. Yet, liberals continue to take their chances with the deadly disease.


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