Breaking: Texas Builds Back Better With Their Own DAMN WALL!

My grandmother was an official “Daughter of Texas,” which means I have Texas running through my blood. As such, I’m proud to say Texas is the only state that maintained their right to secede the Union, should it ever become necessary.

I must say, I’ve heard it joked about hundreds of times, but never in my life have I seen Texans gather to discuss the logistics of such a move. Until now.

In fact, Ted Cruz recently acknowledged that it could become necessary. When speaking at Texas A&M, Cruz said: “If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make D.C. a state, if they federalize elections, if they massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it’s hopeless.”

But while the philosophers and the politicians mull it over, Texas can’t wait for the Biden Administration to protect us. So, we’ve taken matters in our hands.

This Just In

Texas isn’t waiting for Biden to secure the border.

But you can bet the Biden Administration still managed to display their incompetence. When given the opportunity to offload some of the materials abandoned by the Biden Administration, the Federal government said “no thanks!”

Thus, the materials our tax dollars already acquired will sit and rot. Because our president isn’t smart enough to recoup the lost dollars.

Come and Take It

There’s a long time motto in the state of Texas, “come and take it.” In 1835, the Battle of Gonzales was the start of the Texas Revolution. It all started when a Mexican official asked Texans to return a cannon they had lent settlers for protection against marauders. And, as the motto says, he was told to “come and take it.”

Biden has inspired a different version of “come and take it.”

Governor Abbott explains:

Three billion dollars of Texas taxpayer money has been devoted to this cause of Texas securing the border, and so we have a lot of money available to us to continue to build the wall. And Stuart, I’ll add this, for Texas [this] is going to cost less than it did for the Trump administration for one reason. And that’s because in Texas, unlike the Trump administration, we’re not having to devote money to acquire the land …The state of Texas owns [land] on the border itself. 

Secondly, there are property owners of massive acreage on the border who are fed up with Biden’s open border policies, and they are donating their land to Texas for us to be able to use that land for free to build a wall on their property.

It’s not often that you see land owners say “come and take it,” but they’d rather donate land to the construction of the wall than face another day of the dangers lurking at the border.

Biden’s Deadly Stance

It’s past time for Biden to admit his plan doesn’t work. In fact, his policies are downright deadly.

Fox explains:

Over the past week or so, car and truck crashes from high speed chases involving illegal immigrants and those who smuggle them have killed dozens on our southern border.

In one incident alone 55 migrants died as an over packed semi careened out of control. Just in the last few days a mother and daughter lost their lives when their car was slammed into by a fleeing trafficker.

What is telling about these tragic incidents is that they represent a contingency that nobody plans for. They are classic examples of the kind of unintended consequences that result from policies based on ideology and idealism rather than the actual conditions on the ground.

It’s been a running joke, though not a very funny one, since President Joe Biden took office. The administration insists that the border is closed, but everyone with a TV set or even a transistor radio knows that’s a lie.

The administration tells migrants “don’t come” with quiet, occasional words. But its loud constant actions send a different message. These migrants know their chances of successful illegal immigration under Biden are exceedingly high.

It’s unbelievable just how much Biden’s policies have destroyed in under a year’s time. From the economy, the war on cops, paying people not to work, the WuFlu farce, and crime to border security, or the lack thereof, the Biden Administration continues to destroy the nation. Thank God Texas has a back-up plan.


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