CDC: Previous Vaccinations Were Waste of Time

If you know how to read between the lines, you learn that the vaccinations were a waste of time. And a huge waste of money.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitted as much. She said the omicron variant of the coronavirus has “over 50 mutations and because of those mutations, just being vaccinated with two doses may not be enough” ahead of the holidays.

So how many doses does a person need? Why not get TEN doses. Because if the meds don’t work at two doses, surely upping the intake geometrically will accomplish the same thing. Nothing.

And if the vaccines prevent nothing, (trust me, they don’t!) then why are some cities and states treating the unvaxxed as if we are lepers. Clearly vaccines offer no protection, and only provide a distinction between the dumb sh*ts and the unvaxxed.

Tough words for the vaxxed, but the truth hurts. Understand that it’s not me doling out tough love, but the head of Biden’s CDC.

Walensky told CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith” on Monday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was “examining” its definition of fully vaccinated. LOL. Oh the irony that the current “fully vaccinated” are less protected than the non-vaxxed Sodomites?

Currently, the agency defines full vaccination as two weeks after the second dose of one of the two-shot vaccines from Moderna or Pfizer or two weeks after the one-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

Worse, Walensky said that vaccines “may not prevent infection” according to data so far. She said this means people need “to continue to wear their masks to prevent the infections overall.”

Is this the same data that Fauci the Fraud touts?

Still in what should make every American rip off their mask and shove those needles in the arms of a bureaucrat, we learn that Omicron has become the dominant variant in the U.S., making up 73% of all reported cases. Walensky said based on Omicron’s growth rate she “anticipated this number would be about this high at around this time.”

However, the bad news for Fauci and the rest of team Demento is that omicron has killed ONE PERSON so far in the U.S.

Now make no mistake about it, as soon Omicron will be responsible for drive-bys in black neighborhoods, auto fatalities, suicides, and any other form of death, as Leftists attempt to skew the numbers. They will try this, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary in other countries.

I know this, with the understanding that while the U.S. has about 4.2 percent of the world population, we have 16 percent of the supposed fatalities. A statistical abnormality sure to raise the brow of any critical thinker.

So if 73 percent of the reported cases are Omicron, then America is relatively safe. In fact, even the CDC downgraded Omicron because it is less deadly than the common cold, and Leftists know this. But don’t think this fact will make them jump off the gravy train.

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