Coming to America: Mandate for NO LAUGHING

Imagine not laughing by way of mandate. By mandate, I mean Demented Joe Biden issuing an Executive Order that forbids laughing.

While the thought is laughable, essentially Biden tried this with the press. As I wrote recently, things are so bad for Biden that he’s asking the media to stop “laughing” at him. He’s asked them to stop actually reporting on his policies. The damage being done by their reporting on Biden’s performance have made his poll numbers, wait for it…laughable.

Perhaps Biden will take Kim Jong-Un’s approach to his problems. According to the Washington Times, Jong-Un has outlawed laughing for 11 days.

The North Korean government has placed its citizens under an 11-day laughing ban to honor the death of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s father, former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il.

North Koreans are forbidden from consuming alcohol, laughing, or engaging in leisure activities, said a resident of Sinuiju, North Korea, according to a report.

The ban went into effect on Friday, the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-il’s death, and North Koreans were forbidden from grocery shopping on that day, the report noted.

No leisure activities. No alcohol. North Korea sounds a lot like Biden’s America. At least for the unvaccinated.

The article continues,

“In the past, many people who were caught drinking or being intoxicated during the mourning period were arrested and treated as ideological criminals,” the resident said. “They were taken away and never seen again.”

The restrictions during the 11-day ban are so stringent that not even a family tragedy is powerful enough for one to be permitted to show emotion.

“Even if your family member dies during the mourning period, you are not allowed to cry out loud, and the body must be taken out after it’s over,” the resident said. “People cannot even celebrate their own birthdays if they fall within the mourning period.”

Officials reportedly “crack down” on any violators.

“It’s a monthlong special duty for the police. I heard that law enforcement officials cannot sleep at all,” said a local in the southwestern province of South Hwanghae.

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The sheep who might follow Biden off this cliff would have some protection. In case they happened to smirk a bit, their masks will cover up their transgression.

I will say that to some degree Biden’s administration is far worse than North Korea. Because his policies will certainly slap the smile off any taxpaying American’s face.



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