Dave Chappelle: Part of the Conservative Movement

Every morning conservatives wake up knowing they will be targeted for something. Whether it’s our values or our policies, leftists constantly dish out the backlash.

Now, Dave Chappelle is getting a glimpse of the daily struggle to stand up as an American conservative. And it isn’t pretty.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Chappelle came under fire by the transgender community for doing absolutely nothing.

All it takes is for one loudmouth wannabe to accuse a person of something, and social media allows lies to take on a life of their own. That’s what happened to Chappelle.

The gist of the story is that Chappelle supposedly told a transphobic joke. And “the community” didn’t take it well. Keep in mind that Chappelle is as transphobic as this computer I’m working on. But some trans person became offended by Chappelle.

The reason Leftists of any ilk get offended is (1) Leftists are trained to do so, and (2) Leftists have the luxury of idle time, because they live off the labor of non-Leftists.

Back to Chappelle

In a previous comedy show, Chappelle told a trans joke. He then followed that show up with a show dedicated to the crap he took over the first show. The Closer was the name of the show, and Chappelle proved beyond any doubt that he was actually pro-trans.

Still, the community fights him. So much so that when Chappelle was offered the chance to have a building at his school named for him, the students balked. One would think that their most celebrated alumni would have been a shoe-in for such an honor. However, the backlash of Chappelle’s non insult irked the “woke” students. Spoiler alert: they named the building after Chappelle anyway.

But this fight has repercussions for the Left. And I contend that Chappelle must now seriously reconsider his ideological position.

Chappelle plays a Leftists. But outside of his chiding of whites, Chappelle is a conservative. And whatever Leftist leanings he may have had, I predict was melted with the molten fervor of those who sought to destroy him.

Chappelle, like many other newly woke Leftists have figured out that Leftism offers nothing but danger. It only takes one innocent thing for your life to be turned upside down. While Chappelle status provided protection, many less known Leftists noticed just how quickly things can change.

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and many comedians no longer work colleges and universities because of “woke” students. The job is no longer fun. Understand that “court jesters”, aka comedians know the pulse of the people. Millions of Leftists feel like them. Which is why 16 million new voters chose Trump, for example.

Dave Chappelle may be the pied piper of bringing Leftists from the shadows of the Left and to conservatism. Certainly that wasn’t Chappelle’s goal. And you can bet the transgender weren’t trying to push Left-leaning moderates right. Regardless, that happened.

To this I say, “Thanks Dave Chappelle!” for having the guts to stand up to the morons on the Left. These days, that’s rare. But apparently, Netflix recognizes the value. He’s now set to headline a show at the Hollywood Bowl next year as part of the Netflix Is a Joke Festival. Either Netflix realized they went a little looney, or they decided they wanted a piece of that conservative pie. Because leftists whine and cry. But conservatives step up and buy.

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