Democrats Beware: Father Kills Man Who Sex-Trafficked His Daughter

Sanity still exists in America, despite the narrative of loud-mouth Leftists. And this story demonstrates that Americans understand real justice.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Spokane Police Department said that it had discovered the remains of a 19-year-old male. The remains were from a man believed to the former boyfriend of the daughter of John Eisenman.

The man was found stuffed in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle.

Describing the incident as a “complex case,” police reported on the how the body of the decedent got in the trunk of the abandoned car.

Supposedly, 60-year-old Eisenman avenged his daughter, and thus murdered the young man found in the trunk.

Eisenman apparently learned that his daughter had been sold into a Seattle-area prostitution ring in October 2020, by her then-now-deceased boyfriend. According to KXLY-TV, the man has been identified as Andrew Sorenson.

Eisenman, who has no prior violent criminal history, has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bond.

Why Democrats should worry about this story.

Democrats represent Andrew Sorenson. They have sold America into multiple forms of slavery, and up to now have gotten away with it. But only because “daddy” doesn’t know all the facts.

You see, Sorenson got away with his crime, until somebody tipped Eisenman off about his daughter. With this news, Eisenman acted. Harshly.

Democrats have lied to America for decades. While pimping out the nation, they pretended to care. But the “woke” are getting a dose of real woke. And they aren’t happy.

Let’s go, Brandon!

The impact of Leftist policies made America take notice. Self-enslavement over a scamdemic. But we see how the elites treat the so-called ‘mandates’, wholly ignoring them.

Massive inflation due to Leftist stupidity at the highest level has caused ordinary Americans to see how we have been prostituted.

Wait, there’s more.

When word got out that Eisenman killed his daughter’s murderer, social media exploded in his favor. And who could blame folks? Everyone is starting to feel like someone stole their child. Total and complete bleakness.

I’m a father of four sons, no daughters. But I imagine Eisenman has no regrets over what he did. Further, I bet he would do it all over again.

I suggest to Democrats that they not push Americans much farther. Soon, the point of no regrets will be plain as day for all the world to see.

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