Does Epstein or the Clintons own Hooters?

Does Jeffrey Epstein own Hooters? Perhaps not, but the franchise must be owned by a powerful Leftist with dirt on high-ranking Democrat politicians.

How does this business operate with impunity? After all, the very name objectifies women. Well, at least their tatas.

As far as I’m concerned, the very fact that Hooters exists proves that feminism from the Leftist point of view is a farce. Hooters is successful because of well…women’s hooters.

This franchise would be a complete failure if it were named after men’s nipples. Even with scantily clad men showing massive chests, a male version of this franchise would have an anemic bottom line compared to Hooters.

I’ve eaten at Hooters quite a few times. And I must say as a chicken wing afficianado, they have some delicious wings. Greasy, but greasy delicious.

When the franchise started, admittedly I visited to see what the hoopla was about. Ok, I went to see the hooters. However, after a few visits, I enjoyed the sports and wings more than the girls. The expansion required Hooters to lower its standards a bit, allowing a few “lesser qualified” girls to work at the establishment.

Why am I bringing up Hooters?

Because I read this story about men making lewd comments to the Hooters’ girls:

A Hooters waitress who works in the famous beer and wings hotspot revealed what she and her scantily-clad colleagues are sick of hearing from customers.

The worker — who has chosen to remain anonymous — revealed to Insider her replies to the creepiest patrons and their lame attempts to woo her.

In response to a guest who asked, “Are you on the menu?” the restaurant worker told the outlet that she just fake laughs to ease the tension.

But inside, she’s thinking: “Hahaha. OK, whatever, grandpa,” she said.

She added that she regularly overhears irksome sexual comments from patrons.

One eye roll-inducing comment the worker regularly receives is, “Why aren’t you smiling?” She shared, “You’re actively working, running around doing something, going back and forth and someone will literally stop me and say, ‘Why aren’t you smiling? Just smile more. Aren’t you happy to be here?’”

The waitress — who is a Black woman — added that she often gets the comment, “I like me some hot chocolate.”

“‘I love me a nice, dark feisty girl,’ fetish-y phrases, I’ll get those sometimes,” she said.

But ignoring comments like these can be a lucrative part of the job: She once trained another server on how to make three-figure tips, in part by ignoring the sexist comments male customers make, she said.

I know, right. A girl goes to work at Hooters, and then reports on the fact that men objectify her.

I’m just guessing, but I don’t think she was hired at gunpoint.

“Take this job, Chesty or I will KILL YOU!”

Three-figure tips. Tips! That’s mid-level stripper money without the stripping. And much more than Hillary’s books make.


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