Fauci: NO CHRISTMAS for the Unvaccinated

In yet another ploy to brainwash America, Dr. Fauci now says we shouldn’t have Christmas with anyone unvaccinated.

Sadly, Fauci is continually suggesting families segregate based on their vaccination status. Thus, you need a death poke to gather ’round the Christmas table.

How did Fauci become the nation’s “top coronavirus expert” when he refuses to consider the real science? True scientists expect to be challenged. Further, they actually dissect experiments that produce different results because their goal is to advance the knowledge.

Back before I had seven children and a host of gray hairs coming in, I was the captain of the debate team. One thing we learned is how to argue both sides of the issue, with equal amounts of passion. I grew to understand that there are definitely two sides to every coin, and while I have my preferred side, it’s imperative to understand both arguments. Therefore, my personal philosophy remains that you don’t really understand your own arguments until you try to argue the other side.

With that in mind, I can tell you that I carefully listened to everything Dr. Fauci said, then I started reading the statistics for myself. After which, I added up the numbers and did the math. Last, but not least, I concluded that Dr. Fauci is both full of sh*t and a pot-stirrer. If you’re not sure what a pot-stirrer is, well, down here in Texas that’s what we call someone who likes to create turmoil.

From the moment Fauci switched sides in the scamdemic, he’s done nothing but stoke fear in the hearts of leftists. Let’s be honest, he’s even scared millions of conservatives. But Fauci does not follow the science the way he says he does. In fact, Kevin Jackson has spent hours on his radio show and written countless articles that actually break down the real numbers. Further, we’ve covered story after story of the vaccine-gone-wrong and it’s clear, this vaccine is nothing to take lightly. So why try to separate Americans from their families?

Strength in Numbers

When I saw Fauci’s suggestion that people only allow the vaccinated to come to their holiday parties, I started thinking about numbers. At one point, the CDC noted that 74% of covid cases were coming from the vaccinated. And we’re not even talking about the many horrible side effects that can come from getting the vaccine. So how does that keep Grandma and Grandpa safe? It doesn’t. So what’s with the push to keep us apart?

For me, that’s the million dollar question. But I have a theory. When I was growing up, my mother always said “there is strength in numbers.”

Never has she been more right. The Democrats had to have strong numbers to pull off the Big Cheat. Heck, they pretend Joe Biden earned 81 million votes. And after Joe’s performance thus far, Democrats are scared of the numbers conservatives will pull together. Their answer? Keep us apart.

If families gather together for Christmas, what will they do? They’ll talk. And they’ll compare notes about the passing year. Soon, people from both sides of the fence will be in agreement. This scamdemic is nonsense and it’s past time to end it! Then what will Democrats do? Because when Americans join together and forget about the aisle that divides us, common sense prevails. And that’s the last thing Democrats want to see happen.




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