Leftist Says Criticizing Biden is a danger to Democracy

There may come a time in Leftist America where you can’t criticize the leader. Even if the leader is a braindead moron named Joe Biden.

Recently, Deputy Editor at The New Republic asked the question in an article, “Is Criticizing Joe Biden a Danger to Democracy?“.

Yes, Democrats are that desperate. And rightfully so.

Recall I wrote recently that Biden begged the media to stop reporting the truth about him. Obviously the truth makes Biden look bad. Non-spoiler alert: Biden is bad. Actually, Biden is horrible.

I defy any Leftist willing to actually debate the issues to point to anything Biden has accomplished that helped Americans. Undoing Trump’s great policies represents Biden’s entire “presidency”. So what if Trump’s policies work. That doesn’t matter to Biden.

Interestingly, Biden’s job relies on his incompetence; his ability to f*ck things up. Not my words. Obama’s words.

Back to the article.

Is criticizing Biden a danger to Democracy? Uh, NO! And it’s not even a danger to a democratic republic, which represents the actual government of America.

But the idea that some bonehead Leftist suggests this asinine concept proves their desperation.

Linkins wrote:

This week, President Joe Biden hopped onto Zoom in an effort to shepherd the world along the path to stronger global democracy, during a two-day summit with other world leaders. He’ll be making his case, however, amid growing concerns about democracy here at home. On Monday, The Atlantic’s dedicated doomscroll provider, Barton Gellman, unleashed his latest flurry of frets, warning that “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun.” His masthead-mate, George Packer, followed up with a piece that urged readers to imagine democracy’s unthinkable demise in order to stave it off.

Whether we like it or not, there is reason to be gravely concerned. But against this backdrop, an interesting debate has broken out about the press’s role in protecting our too-fragile institutions and raveled civic fabric from a Trumpian assault—and whether the media, in an effort to support democracy, must unflinchingly support Biden, as well.

Does this guy have any memory of how the press treated President Trump?

They beat Trump up daily, and the man performed like a rock star. One can only imagine the accolades the press would bestow on Biden if he performed at one-tenth the competency of Trump.

But to paraphrase Corey Lewandowski’s book on Trump, all we needed to do is “Let Biden be Biden”. So now the media can’t even fake stories to prop up Mr. Magoo.

The article continues, discussing media coverage of Biden:

Over the weekend, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank made considerable waves with a column that rather lustily accused the media of offering President Biden worse coverage than President Trump. At first blush, this might seem impossible, if only because Trump’s actions—through corruption, incompetence, and the need to constantly battle the media—made it almost impossible to cover him favorably. Milbank, however, marshaled some statistics from data analytics experts, who combed through hundreds of thousands of articles to provide a detailed “sentiment analysis” supporting his thesis that “Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as—and for a time worse than—the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020.”

What a conundrum for the media and Leftists, essentially one and the same. They simply can’t manufacture good news for Biden.


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