Leftists and their Stolen Minority Identities

Gay people come out and Leftists call it “brave”. Even when they dupe former lovers for example, the duper is hailed as a conquering hero.

And if that’s not bad enough, half-black people disavow their “whiteness” and Leftists embrace them as heroes. Outcome? White people have been driven to “passing” as black, a la Rachel Dolezal.

For Leftists, faking minority heritages improves ones plight in life. Thus, in this Elizabeth Warrenesque tale from Canada, meet Carrie Bourassa.

Leftists sold Bourassa as one of the nation’s leading experts in indigenous people’s health.

At an event, Bourassa donned native attire and revealed her supposed real name, per CBC:

With a feather in her hand and a bright blue shawl and Métis sash draped over her shoulders, Carrie Bourassa made her entrance to deliver a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in September 2019, where she detailed her personal rags-to-riches story.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said, choking up. “I’m just going to say it — I’m emotional.”

The crowd applauded and cheered.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” Bourassa said, explaining that she grew up in Regina’s inner city in a dysfunctional family surrounded by addiction, violence and racism.

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Leftists believe they can tell lies and nobody will bother to fact-check them. But Bourassa’s colleagues did exactly that. And as it turns out, Bourassa is of European descent.

Now that Bourassa’s colleagues outed her, the university placed her on academic leave. Further, according to The Guardian she has been removed from her roles as a government advisor.

She recently stepped down from her role as scientific director for Indigenous peoples health at the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). Bourassa had been described by the CIHR as “a Métis woman, a highly regarded Indigenous researcher” who “has been a selfless leader and a tireless champion for all Indigenous peoples in this country”.

The CBC investigation has drawn comparisons with the case of Rachel Dolezal, an American academic and activist who was accused of passing herself off as black. A Métis professor who worked with Bourassa told CBC she was “the modern-day Grey Owl” – a reference to Archibald Stansfeld Belaney, the British-born conservationist and writer who passed himself off as a Native American in the early 20th century.

Essentially, identity theft has been popularized by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and the aforementioned Dolezal.

Consider that the U.S. now exports racism in the form of identity theft. But it’s not people trying to be “white”, the so-called oppressive class. Instead, when people assume new identities, they actual opt for the perceived oppressed class.

The article continues, explaining that people surrounding Bourassa suspected her of being an identity thief.

CBC reported that people who worked with Bourassa had expressed disquiet about her account of her ancestry, and some examined her genealogical records, which reportedly showed that her ancestors were of Russian, Polish and Czechoslovakian descent.

What did Bourassa do when people learned of her ruse? She accused them of attempting to smear her, and offered more “proof” of her heritage:

In an email to CBC, Bourassa said she had been adopted as Métis by a friend of her grandfather and had subsequently been adopted into other communities. She accused the broadcaster of running a “smear campaign” against her, adding she was “shocked and dismayed at the recent attack on my identity”.

Why would anybody want to be a Leftist in any country and on any continent? I suggest sending them all to Antarctica, where they can form the Utopia they often dream of.


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