‘Me Too’ Scam: Donated Pittance to Women’s Causes

Leftists love their movements and their clever names. Like BLM. Or MeToo or Time’s Up. Cute slogans that evoke an emotional response.

They back up their slogans with “movements” to support the so-called victims. Blacks, women, gays, or whoever fits the narrative of the time. Think Clinton Foundation. But as we learn of many of these organizations, they are mere fronts. Ways for those who fake passion for the movements to profiteer.

As it is the case for Joe “Captain Demento” Biden’s cancer charity, we learn that another Leftist cause simply bilked its supporters out of millions of dollars.

The women’s advocacy group Time’s Up launched by Hollywood celebrities in the wake of the #MeToo movement collected millions, but donated less than $20,000 to women. Instead, the group spent millions on its employees’ six-figure salaries.

The group supposedly raises money to support victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Cases like that of the dozens of women sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein. And was Weinstein alone in his sexual predation in Hollywood?

Consider what we now know of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Where is Time’s Up on this and the many other legitimate incidents of sexual harassment on the job? One would think that with the millions raised, the group could have found more than one group to fund?

Yet, they spent $2.4 million on salaries and compensation in 2019, according to the group’s 2019 financial report.

Time’s Up made just one contribution for the whole year, giving $19,342 to the National Women’s Law Center. Ironically, the group’s payroll taxes of $23,287 totaled more than its single donation.

Adding insult to injury, roughly $600,000 of the funds spent on compensation went to ousted Time’s Up CEO Lisa Border. Border is the former president of the Women’s National Basketball Association, and she left the organization for, wait for it…sexual assault allegations made against her son.

Yoga instructor Celia Gellert accused Borders’ son, Garry “Dijon” Bowden Jr., in early 2019 of touching her inappropriately during a “healing” massage.

Ah, the sweet taste of Leftism attacking Leftism.


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