Runaway Slaves: Australia Hunting Down Blacks

And you thought Joey “Demento” Biden rounding up Haitians on the Mexican border looked bad. Get a load of Australia.

“Little America,” as Australian has been deemed by some, has lost its way. And they got lost by forcing everyone to vote.

Leftism now rules Down Under. So much so that Leftists in Australia hit rock bottom targeting their BIPOCs…the aboriginal people.

Australia reverted to its past and renewed its status as a penal colony. Thus, the country has taken the Wuflu scam to untenable levels making law-abiding citizens prisoners in their country.

And what did the black people do? Escape!

Three Aboriginal teens, ages 15, 16, and 17, escaped from the Howard Springs Wuflu camp around 4:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

According to sources, the teens jumped a fence and headed for the hills. Now, Australian authorities search for their runaway slaves, who ironically don’t even have the dreaded Wuflu.

Yes, the three teens tested negative. However, Australia imprisoned them because they supposedly came into contact with someone who had Wuflu.

“Hey Australia, 1850 Democrat Party of Slavery called and wants its politics back!”

All the teens lived in the Northern Territory, from an area called Katherine. Australian authorities have deemed the Wuflu situation as “serious,, thus the lockdown.

As a result, Katherine was placed in a “lockout” phase. Therefore, Australia imprisoned all the unvaxxed.

Understand that while in lockdown, people are permitted to exercise outdoors for one hour per day. Who monitors this remains to be seen, however that is the rule. In one video, I saw a woman is sitting on a porch, and she is warned that if she crosses a yellow line to approach the fence of her lockdown area, she could be fined $5,000.

Another rule during lockdown is Australians can’t travel more than five kilometers outside their home.

Why not give them all orange jumpsuits, then demand they work within the 5 kilometer (roughly 3 mile) radius…for FREE?!

Will the media cover this story for what it is? Because what Australia is doing makes Nazi Germany look like Club Med. Eventually, the teens were caught and actually arrested for their so-called crimes.

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I can’t blame those teens for escaping. I’d like to send money for their defense.

How can the world stand idly by as these types of atrocities occur? The idea of a country locking down its law-abiding citizens over a scam.

If America had a real president, one who would show real leadership, then Australia and the rest of the world would already be on notice. We can not stand for the inhumane treatment of citizens, even if our current president does.



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