Smollett Cracks: Bad Actor Doesn’t Hold Up in Court

Smollett’s testimony proved quite entertaining, as he desperately tried to portray himself as an innocent victim in the fake hate crime of the decade.

In fact, Smollett almost acted as if he didn’t know the brothers, despite their extensive text exchanges the night of the ‘attack’.

FNN Explains:

Jussie Smollett denied under oath all allegations that he brought the Osundairo brothers on a “dry run” of his attack two days prior to it taking place.

In trying to prove the contrary, [special prosecutor Dan Webb] showed and read from private Instagram messages between Bola Osundairo and Smollett in which the latter kept updating Bola on his whereabouts and flight delay information on the night of the attack, making the case that he was working with him to time out the planned attack. Some of the messages included the use of the N-word, prompting Smollett to interrupt the prosecutor to ask him to spell or abbreviate the word so as not to offend “every African American in this room.”

Isn’t it ironic, Smollett now cares about offending every African American in the room. Where was that concern when he described two black brothers as some hillbilly Trump obsessed white supremacists?

Webb said that Smollett was welcome to read his own messages to the court but that he would not censor the quotations of the actor’s messages. Smollett complied and the two moved on.

The remainder of the cross-examination saw Webb call key details of Smollett’s story of both the night of the attack and the alleged dry run into question, with Smollett denying throughout that he orchestrated anything with the Osundairo brothers, referring to both the siblings as “liars.”

Smollett’s claim is completely laughable, considering he texted messages of solidarity to the brothers, saying “I know 1000%. You and your brother did nothing wrong… I am making this statement so everyone else knows … Please hit me when they let you go. I am behind you fully.”

I guess the has-been actor believes the jury to be filled with idiots. Which it might be, if it’s loaded with leftists.

FNN adds:

Smollett’s attorney Nenye Uche focused on the Instagram messages that Webb alleged helped prove that he was keeping Bola Osundairo up-to-date on his whereabouts the night of the attack so he would know when and where to find him. Smollett said that “tons” of his followers responded to an Instagram Story he posted about his flight being delayed and the incoming Polar Vortex in Chicago, which automatically begins a private messaging conversation on the app.

Uche also focused on Smollett’s allegation that the brothers reached out to him after the attack to try and extort $1 million each in exchange for telling the police that they did not plan the hoax. Under another redirect from Webb, Smollett noted that the brothers did not reach out to him about the money personally but did so through their  representatives to his attorneys.

Another CNN Scandal

While Cuomo isn’t involved with Smollett, there is a CNN tie to the case.

Jussie Smollett said he had correspondence with CNN’s Don Lemon during the early parts of the investigation into the alleged hate crime attack.

In his court testimony on Monday, Smollett said under oath that during the investigation, he received a text from the network’s Don Lemon — supposedly relaying information that the Chicago Police Department didn’t believe his account of what happened.

Lemon told his viewers at the time that the story was “personal” since he and Smollett had been acquaintances and were in constant communication since the alleged incident and that Smollett told Lemon what he said had happened to him, which he admitted raised lots of questions.

He stressed that while Smollett is “innocent until proven guilty,” he still “squandered the good will of a whole lot of people” if his story wasn’t true.”

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CNN should consider another firing.

Lemon is definitely a thorn in the media giant’s deflated side.

Now, Smollett’s time on the witness stand is officially over. Of course, Smollett managed to throw in his “loss of livelihood,” as if anyone should care. Shockingly, there are people who keep buying into the “poor Jussie” narrative.

The Associated Press reports that celebrities and activists who support Smollett are speaking  to the press daily outside the courthouse in an alleged broader effort to preserve his reputation and leave the door open for a future career after the high-profile trial.

The impact on his livelihood could be far more serious. Taking the witness stand Monday, Smollett testified that ” I’ve lost my livelihood.” His media relations team, which is led by a former Chicago TV reporter, released a statement to The Associated Press from family friend Fania Davis, who said Smollett already has lost income and “many professional opportunities” due to a “character assassination and disinformation campaign” by Chicago police.

I expect to see a GoFundMe any minute. Leftists will likely fill the coffers blindly. And when Smollett’s proven guilty, they’ll call it a massive defense fund for his next act: the appeal.

I can’t wait to see this fool sentenced. And forced to pay restitution.

Just look at the way conservatives are persecuted relentlessly these days. For example, they are targeted by the IRS for audits and financial attacks. Further, conservatives are blocked on social media and ejected from various platforms. And you can bet if a real Trump supported carried out any such nonsense, he’d be burned at the stake in the middle of DC.


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