92-4 Blowout: Coach Suspended

This story caught my attention, because even I raised an eyebrow at the results. A team beat another team 92 to 4.

According to the Washington Examiner, a school apologized for running up the score.

A Connecticut high school suspended its girls basketball coach after their team beat another in a humiliating 92-4 blowout.

Sacred Heart Academy, in Hamden, Connecticut, achieved the demolishing score against Lyman Hall-Wallingford on Monday night.

Lyman Hall-Wallingford is the school. And frankly, with a name like that, I’m not surprised they lost.

The team sounds like it was named after some Leftist feminist who refused to take her husband’s name.

In looking at the results of this game, I have to wonder what happened to the coach of the Lyman Hall-Wallingford (LHW). Surely he or she can’t be getting paid?!

Is this school even sure they fielded the right team? From the looks of things, the soccer team showed up; not the basketball team. Statistically, if the soccer team just did penalty kicks at the goal they would average 8 points. So the idea that LHW fielded an actual basketball team shocks me.

I guess there is another answer. Maybe LHW sent it’s para-basketball team? Again, statistically even they would score at least 8 points. Frankly, I could score 4 points a game shooting with my feet.

How could anybody watch this game?

KFDA reported, The Sacred Heart Academy Sharks were up 29-0 after the first quarter, 56-0 by halftime, and 80-0 after the third quarter.

Was LHW waiting for the big push in the 4th quarter where they racked up 4 points? I can only believe that by this time, Sacred Heart was actually helping LHW get points.

I’ve heard of blowouts, but this one boggles my mind. And it makes me curious about a lot of things. For example, did Sacred Heart Academy recruit an all transgender team? We know how those men-turned-“women” tend to dominate their competition.

I suggest LHW give up basketball. I didn’t see this game, but I suspect the winning team likely did NOT run up the score. It might be fitting to add that Coach Kirck’s suspension was for all of one game.

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