Biden Earns “D” and “F” Ratings in Surprising Poll

Biden thought independents were fairly stacked in his favor. Of course, he also thought he won the presidency.

His handlers couldn’t tell him the whole truth, because they knew he’d bumble and fumble until he spilled the beans- most likely in front of full press.

Still, the man is dumb enough to know he didn’t pull this off on his own. And, as we’ve said for the past six months, Democrats now suffer from buyer’s remorse. Here’s another morsel of fact to back me up.

As Fox News explains:

Polling expert Lee Carter revealed Thursday American voters’ reactions to President Biden’s first formal press conference in over 300 days. While Democrats generally reacted favorably to the president’s speech, Carter predicted his approval rating won’t see a drastic change based on the real-time reactions of independents.

Biden was pressed by Fox News’ Peter Doocy on his policies that are trending to the left. Biden responded by highlighting his efforts to combat COVID-19 and the successful bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Democrats supported his message, but independents and Republicans both gave the president an ‘F’ grade.

“They said he seems so out of touch – what he said is simply untrue,” Carter told Ainsley Earhardt.

“They’re just simply not buying his message.”

Biden went on to say he hasn’t been able to get Republicans to help improve things in the country, for which Republicans and independents again gave him an ‘F’ grade.

“The blame game simply does not work. He cannot blame Republicans,” Carter, president of Maslansky & Partners, told Brian Kilmeade.

“He made a promise of unity. He said he was going to govern by bringing people together, by making compromise. He has failed here.”

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Biden went on with his attempt to save face, but it didn’t do him much good.

Biden again addressed voting rights after his controversial speech in Georgia. He said he believes he can make the case to Americans that they should not vote for Republican candidates to oversee the legitimacy of elections.

Democrats largely agreed, but Carter noted that it is most important to watch the reaction from independents, who gave the comments a ‘D’ grade.

“Independents were really concerned that he’s calling into question the legitimacy of elections,” Carter said. “But Republicans were really, really concerned. They’re saying this is a threat to democracy, much like Democrats said about Donald Trump.”

“People are really, really concerned about this issue.”

Biden also downplayed the impact of COVID-19 on education, saying that 95% of schools are still open.

Carter said this message didn’t resonate with any group, as Democrats only gave him a ‘C’ grade. She noted that his remarks don’t align with what Americans are experiencing.

That’s a nice way of saying Biden’s incognizant.

Even Donald Trump is surprised at just how fast our ship is sinking. We’ve become the SS Titanic. And Biden’s our clueless captain.

Think about it. During Trump’s four years, was supply chain ever an issue? Nope. We had a run on goods when the scamdemic started, but our supply chain wasn’t stalled as it has been for months now.

In fact, Trump recently visited Los Angeles and “saw the massive containers, thousands and thousands of them where they dock the ships, in the loading and unloading areas and I will tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“They are stacked up to the sky. It is going to take a long time for them to break it up. It is very bad, very bad,” Trump said. “It’s going to take a long time to fix it.”

Trump added, “I had no idea the country could go down so badly and so quickly!” We all knew it was going to be bad for Biden to sit in the Oval Office, but none of us knew just how bad it was going to get. Midterms can’t come soon enough.

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