Biden’s Latest Afghanistan Fumble Costs Taxpayers $308M

Biden bungled everything to do with Afghanistan, and now his administration wants to pay off the Taliban. Apparently, rock bottom isn’t nearly as low as we can go.

Today, the White House announced pledges to give Afghanistan $308M to provide for the hungry and other humanitarian aid, all while refusing to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government. Of course, if Biden had a ball one, the Taliban wouldn’t be in charge.

The United Nations is currently hoping to raise more than $5 billion to feed the hungry after last year’s disastrous pull-out has left the country even more impoverished. Billions of dollars worth of assets were frozen and many western governments stopped sending aid when the Taliban rose to power.

Add this to the list of disasters the world would have avoided if the Big Cheat hadn’t happened. Of course, leftists will deny that until their dying days.

The Daily Mail adds:

White House spokesperson Emily Horne said Tuesday that the new assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development will be channeled through independent humanitarian organizations for shelter, health care, emergency food aid, water, sanitation and hygiene services.

‘The United States is committed to supporting the Afghan people and we continue to consider all options available to us,’ she said.

‘We stand with the people of Afghanistan.’

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What About Us?

I hate to sound cold-hearted, but I have one question. What about us? More than 13 million children went hungry last year. Does the president care? Biden singlehandedly crashed the economy- so how many more children are out there, starving. Or shall we say “food insecure.” That’s the politically correct terminology these days. Millions of children rely on school to feed them, and what happens when that school closes for another covid lockdown?

Our own jobs reports keep sinking lower and lower. Just before Christmas, we learned our economy failed to add nearly 350k expected jobs. Retailers didn’t hire the typical holiday workers because customers weren’t paying for merchandise. It was a smash and grab season. No jobs means many families are doing without. They’re cutting credit cards and cable TV to lessen the bottom dollar. And the two G’s- gasoline and groceries, keep getting harder to come by.

The middle class is looking to get on food stamps. And our government keeps printing useless dollars in the futile effort to pretend there’s enough to go around. Yet our president thinks we should send $308M to Afghanistan. How does that build back better?

Collateral Damage

Not only is Biden sending money for food, but they’re also passing out death pokes.

DM continues:

The US also said it would be sending a million extra doses of coronavirus vaccine.

But the aid immediately raised concerns that it could fall into the wrong hands or help cement the Taliban’s position.

And to add insult to injury, Biden isn’t even holding the Taliban accountable for their current actions.

Brett Bruen, White House director of engagement under President Barack Obama, said: ‘I don’t understand why we didn’t condition this aid on the Taliban meeting some basic human rights standards, without which the humanitarian situation is only going to worsen.’

Campaigners warn that the Taliban takeover, after President withdrew American troops last summer, has triggered a human rights crisis as well as a humanitarian disaster.

Girls in most of the country have been denied access to high schools; Taliban gunmen have carried out summary executions of former officials and security force personnel; and journalists have been beaten and intimidated.

This week video emerged showing hardliners beheading female mannequins because they apparently offended the group’s strict interpretation of Islam.

Rape ’em, kill ’em, or give ’em a death poke. It doesn’t really matter to Biden what happens in Afghanistan. And he doesn’t care what happens in America either. You can bank on that.


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