CDC Director Seems Happy Wuflu Kills the Sick

I’m not sure if Democrats realize that their evil shows. I think they are immune to the idea that Americans know the left is not trying to help us.

Have you ever seen somebody eat something they don’t like, but tell that it tastes great? That look on one’s face as he tries to cover up the fact that he hates what he’s eating.

I made cookies once, when I was around 12 years old. I put way too much baking soda in the cookies. But my grandfather watch me in the kitchen and I begged him to try them. He obliged me. And as I watched every painful chew he made, I knew something was wrong.

I asked him excitedly, “How are they!”.

He responded, between a disgusting bite, “They’re good!”.

I then ate one. And I realized that I read the baking soda amount wrong.

Democrats remind me of my grandfather eating my disgusting cookies. They can’t cover their lies. Sadly, the lies of Democrats are not about nasty cookies but nasty vaccines.

In this monumental lie of Wuflu and vaccines, Democrats began with tall tales. Now they think they can get away with their lies.

The first lie that I (and others) called out revolved around the number of people who actually died FROM Wuflu. I called BS on all the numbers reported, and not because I’m so brilliant. I actually heard Dr. Birx and colleagues who worked for the CDC or other governmental agencies say the same thing.

We learned of comorbidities, yet people dying for other reasons were counted as dying from Wuflu. Hospitals were being paid for treating these people, even when no treatment was necessary.

Pay me $39,000 to code somebody as “Dead from Wuflu” when they died in a plane crash and I’m taking the cash. Hospitals did exactly that. And now, to our face the Director of the CDC admits this:

The troubling and revealing part of her statement:

Walensky added that this was “encouraging news”. Because health officials have theorized that omicron variant is more transmissible than other strains but causes less severe illness. Less severe illness to the healthy.

Walensky was referring to a study that used data from U.S. healthcare facilities to look at more than 1.2 million adults who completed “primary vaccination” between December 2020 to October 2021. Among the tiny percentage of those who died (36 people), 78% suffered from at least four comorbidities.

In other words, Omicron helps to thin the herd of the weak.

Social media picked up on Walensky’s gleeful declaration, with Matthew Cortland responding:

“It is ‘encouraging’ to [Walensky] that chronically ill and disabled Americans are dying … our deaths clearly don’t count”

Cortland practices law and said that he suffers from a chronic illness.

Democrats expose their true nature daily, particularly with Wuflu.

The infection rate lies, the death rate lies, and the vaccine lies. But now the public is waking up. For the first time since this scamdemic, Stephen Colbert joked about Fauci the Fraud talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Suddenly, the Jab Comic awakens to the Fauci farce.

Trust me, millions are on to Fauci the Fraud and the Biden administration. This won’t stop Leftists from trying to sway public opinion with continued fear. However, signs show that the fearmongering hasn’t worked. Nor will it.

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