CDC Mocked Over its Wuflu Recommendations

It seems like anything short of breathing is a symptom of Wuflu, according to the CDC.

Talk about an organization that has the credibility of Brian Williams. And who provides the “guidance” to the CDC? Fauci the Fraud.

I now Fauci claims that he gets his talking points from the CDC. But do you know anybody at the CDC? I don’t see anybody from the CDC prostituting in front of the camera like Fauci the Fraud.

What has Fauci or the CDC gotten right? Absolutely nothing.

In the past week, the CDC has issued new guidance, the most remarkable being vaccinations don’t work. But there have been many others.

For example, the most recent “pull a suggest out of our ass” guidance from the CDC involves quarantine. The organization announced recently that it was shortening its recommended quarantine for those who test positive for Wuflu but exhibit no symptoms. Now, they reduced the quarantine from ten days to five.

Half the time? And what “science” is this new decision based on? Absolutely none. Five days is just another wild ass guess on behalf of an organization representing the multi-trillion dollar larceny occurring against the American taxpayers.

As for the new quarantine period, understand that originally the CDC advised people who contacted Wuflu to isolate for 14 days after exposure. They then shortened the quarantine to ten days. So 4 days shorter. Now they are advising 5 days shorter.

I have a suggestion. Let people do what they feel.

You see, if you don’t feel sick you are likely not sick. If you test positive but don’t feel sick, the test likely failed.

CDC mocked

On Twitter, hundreds of users responded to the CDC with ridicule.  And rightfully so. Below are just a few of the comments:

‘The CDC now says a Venti iced coffee and two ibuprofen is a balanced breakfast,’ another joked,

‘CDC recommends quarantining in a bag of uncooked rice for 10 minutes.’

‘CDC says when you’ve reached the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, your quarantine is over,’ yet another message read.

‘CDC recommends splitting up your quarantine over your two 15-min breaks’

In reference to the kids game “It”, one person tweeted: ‘The cdc recommends yelling NOT IT and running away really fast’

‘The CDC recommends bringing me soup and giving me a little kiss to make sure I get better…’

How much more ridiculous will things get? I’m not sure.

But I do know that this insane nonsense is far from over. As long as Leftists can milk Wuflu, they will.





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