Does Biden Have New Plans for Kamala?

Invoking the 25th Amendment

It seems as though Kamala Harris could be facing a major job change. Unfortunately, it would give her the opportunity to destroy America for the rest of her life.

I’m sure everyone has heard the news that Joe Biden will soon face his first Supreme Court appointment. To be honest, I was praying that Biden wouldn’t have such an opportunity. But as the saying goes, “it is what it is.” And we have no choice but to deal with it.

As Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement plans, Biden commitment to nominating a black woman to fill his vacancy resurfaced.

Lucky for Kamala, she’s now a black lady, and this time, she says her ethnicity will stick. Of course, the White House hasn’t officially said anything about moving Kamala to the court. Instead, Jen Psaki noted that Harris would play an integral role in the nomination process.

Biden is expected to produce a “short list” of about ten names as soon as next week. Good ole Chuck Schumer is on the ball, too. He’s already promised to get Biden’s nominee confirmed lickety-split. However, I don’t think that will go over to well with Republicans who are still reeling from Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

Kavanaugh was picked apart by leftists all because one delusional skank decided he must’ve assaulted her. And when her lies were no longer deniable, do you think Kavanaugh received a grade A apology? Of course not. Because Christine Blasey-Ford was a liberal plant from the get-go.

Now, Democrats hope Republicans are ready to play nice? Not so fast Bud, especially if Kamala is on that short list.

The 25th Amendment

Democrats now know Biden wasn’t up for the job. And their plan to make Kamala the first female president no longer seems like a very good idea. So, in order to move on, Democrats need a way to shift personnel. Using the 25th Amendment might be the best way for leftists to change their ticket.

Breitbart weighs in:

…Harris, who served as District Attorney of San Francisco and California Attorney General before being elected to the U.S. Senate and then as Vice President, would provide another option with a long, if rather controversial, legal résumé.

Nominating Harris could also help Biden and the Democrats solve the problem posed by Harris’s unpopularity. Biden faces questions about his mental and physical abilities, raising doubts about his ability to run for reelection in 2024, or even to serve out his term. Harris is even more unpopular than Biden, however, making her an unpalatable replacement for Biden.

By nominating Harris to the Court, Democrats could create an open slot in the Vice Presidency — and while they still have control of Congress, all it would take to confirm a successor to Harris would be a majority vote in both Houses, according to the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Likely contenders include Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who has struggled to deal with the basic responsibilities of his job but has been highly visible and is known to covet the presidency.

Like most conservatives, I was hoping the 25th Amendment would be used to replace Joe Biden instead. However, if Democrats do try to move Kamala to the court, imagine the confirmation.

Questions for Kamala

I wish I could write the questions the Senate would use to vett Harris. Think about her many terrible qualities. As someone who is supposed to represent both minorities and women, she’s done a disservice to all.

First of all, this woman degraded herself on a national stage with her career boosting antics. And her politics are no classier. Does it surprise anybody that Kamala Harris wants to legalize prostitution? After all, the way she rose to the top mimics what ordinary women get arrested for doing.

Let me guess. It’s her body and she can sleep with whomever she wants. Some women do it for money, while others do it for fame. Harris took Door Number Two. Then she found the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, inside that door. I can hear the Marvin Gaye playing now. “I’ve been feeling tired, baby. Trying to hold back this feeling, for so long….”

I bet Harris wishes she could go back and charge a flat rate for those personal sessions. But, at least she can pave the way for her fellow sista girls to make a little bank.

Playing Politics

It’s not just prostitution Harris wants law enforcement to ease up on. In fact, she has a history of self-serving when it comes to legislation. Like her stance on marijuana.

Harris bragged about smoking dope when she ran in the primary. Many believe it was her attempt to solidify the Black vote. If that’s the case, consider how demeaning and condescending that strategy implies. As if Black people will vote for drug abusers, versus people intent on improving the human condition.

Let’s not forget she also praises BLM. At the NAACP’s National Convention, Harris claimed that American progress, particularly in the realm of civil rights, never occurred “without a fight,” adding that the current protests serve as an “essential component” of change and that they help keep the police “in check.”

She concluded her remarks claiming the BLM movement has become the “most significant agent for change” within America’s criminal justice system. She’s right about that, BLM changed things. But not for the better. Recently, the Biden Administration laid the blame for rising crime rates on defunding the police. Hmmm. I wonder how that happened? More over, I wonder how the Senate will handle Kamala’s unique plight in life as they evaluate her fitness for the Supreme Court.

Truth be told, I’d rather muddle through three more years with the crazy bat in the White House than to see her ruling from the highest court in the land. Because Supreme Court Justice is a lifetime appointment. And that witch is liable to hang in there longer than Ruth Bader Ginsburg did, and that would be an American tragedy.


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