Kamala Gives Another Disastrous Interview

Sista girl can’t get anyone to stand by her side. Her staff is jumping ship. The President can’t remember her name, much less utilize her “expertise.” And now, Kamala is starting to spin out of control.

What really sticks out is Harris’ lack of knowledge in this recent interview. The Vice President of the United States should have a good handle on foreign relations. Of course, so should the President, and it’s pretty clear Biden’s clueless.

As for Kamala, Fox News exposed her recent faux pas:

Vice President Kamala Harris faced a tough line of questioning Thursday during a contentious interview on NBC’s “Today” addressing potential Russian aggression toward Ukraine, as well as President Biden’s suggestion the results of the 2022 midterm elections could be “illegitimate.”

Sparks flew from the interview’s onset as host Savannah Guthrie grilled Harris on directly answering her specific questions while the latter appeared set on reciting the administration’s talking points.

Guthrie began the interview by asking if President Biden gave “the green light” to Russian President Vladimir Putin to take aggressive action toward Ukraine with his suggestion that the U.S. response would depend on whether the former’s actions were “a minor incursion” or something more serious.

“The president has been very clear and we as the United States are very clear, if Putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to levy serious costs, period. And I will tell you that part of the posture that we have taken is grounded in the respect and the value we place in–” Harris said before being interrupted by Guthrie..

That’s where Harris’ dimwitted pause gave Guthrie an opening, while also exposing the VP’s incompetence.

“I’m sorry to interrupt … I’m sorry to interrupt. But it is less than clear. Thirty minutes after the news conference, the White House press secretary had to actually clarify the president’s remarks –” Guthrie said before Harris spoke over her, appearing frustrated, and saying, “I’m being clear with you right now. And so if you’re interested, I’ll continue to be clear.”

Talk about grasping for straws. The only way things could get much worse is if Hillary Clinton took Harris’ place. Because that was the best non-answer beat-around-the-bush response I’ve heard since Clinton addressed Benghazi.

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Seeing Red

Recall, Biden recently left the White House scrambling to correct his latest gaffe when he implied Russia would not face sanctions over a “minor incursion” into Ukraine.

Guthrie continued to grill Harris on Ukraine, asking if there was any amount of land or territory Putin could take that the U.S. would turn a blind eye to and if there was a chance the threat of sanctions was having no effect on him. Harris responded that she wasn’t going to psychoanalyze the Russian president and that any attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty would be considered an aggressive action and met with “severe cost.”

Guthrie later suggested that Biden had done damage with his remarks on Ukraine and asked if Putin was likely going to listen to any future statement from him, or the White House press secretary, because of it.

“I will repeat myself, and I’m vice president of the United States, and the president and I work closely together, and I know his position because he’s been consistent in that regard. If Vladimir Putin and Russia takes aggressive action, it will be met with a cost that will be severe,” Harris said.

Free and Fair

Ironically, Trump and Biden agree on one crucial point. It’s nearly impossible to guarantee that we will have a free and fair election. The difference is, Biden blames imaginary foes, like Russia. Meanwhile, Trump continues to expose the left for their deceptions and flat out cheating efforts.

Now, our president looks even weaker, as he now admits our elections are illegitimate at this point.

Guthrie turned the conversation to the 2022 midterm elections.

“[Biden] openly cast doubt on whether the 2022 midterm elections would be legitimate. He said it all depends, which is astonishing to hear a president question whether our elections will be legitimate. We’ve heard it before, but not from this president. Is he really concerned that we may not have fair and free elections?” Guthrie asked.

Harris avoided directly addressing Biden’s comments and instead began talking about passing federal voting rights legislation.

Guthrie interrupted Harris, noting that both bills she mentioned failed to pass the Senate.

“If I may finish –” Harris said, but Guthrie continued.

“But the specific question, if you don’t mind, does he think now that these bills haven’t been passed that the ’22 midterms won’t be legitimate or fair or free?” she asked Harris.

Of course, Harris couldn’t give a direct answer.

Nor could she explain why so many voters need mail-in ballots or how to create a secure voting platform. The VP continued to flip-flop like a fish out of water until the painful fiasco came to an end. Of course, it’s not the end of embarrassing moments for Kamal Harris. She will continue to unravel publicly, until 2024, when we can finally put ourselves out of our misery.

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