Biden’s Evacuation Strategy for Americans in Ukraine

I say to Americans around the world, “Ready a bugout bag!” Because if you expect Biden to get you out safely, think again.

Despite the Taliban butt-doinking Captain Demento publicly, Biden thinks he performed amazingly in Afghanistan. Sure, if you like gay political porn!

And this was with Trump having prepped the entire deal for success. Biden threw out Trump’s playbook, and decided to shoot his political porn for all the world to see.

So now Biden has an evacuation of his own creation. I remind Americans, under Trump, Putin dare not threaten to invade Ukraine.

On the subject of evacuation from Ukraine, the New York Post writes:

The White House has signed off on a Defense Department plan for US troops stationed in Poland to ​help American citizens flee Ukraine if Russia invades — as the Biden administration tries to avoid a repeat of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, according to a new report Wednesday. ​

Some of the approximately 1,700 paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne who arrived in Poland last week will soon set up tent camps, checkpoints and other facilities to house Americans inside Polish territory, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The US troops will not enter Ukraine, but will provide logistics support and help coordinate the departure of Americans from Kiev and other cities — most likely by land without military support, the report said.  ​

Does anybody remember what Biden claims to have wanted to avoid in the Afghanistan evacuation?

If you said, “sending troops”, then you were paying attention.

Unlike Afghanistan, the White House actually gave an accounting for the number of Americans in Ukraine. Surprisingly, they report at about 30,000 Americans live in Ukraine. And because Biden’s presidency proves more feckless than that of Jimmy Carter, the State Department urged US citizens in Ukraine to begin leaving the country last month.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki set the stage for blaming citizens and not Biden should the sh*t hit the fan in Ukraine. Psaki told reporters:

“We are conveying very clearly now that now is the time to leave and that there are means to do that.”


How refreshing for Americans around the world to know what happens when Democrats are in charge of our security.

Marine Tamorhessi was stuck in Mexico for over a year under Obama. Otto Warmbier was essentially killed by North Koreans under Obama.

Recall that Trump rescued Warmbier, though it was too late. Next, Trump got 3 black thieves out of China. But more importantly, Trump laid down the gauntlet for countries who felt that they could capture Americans without paying the price.

Here are other stories you will never hear reported on hostages returned under President Trump.

Among them was a U.S. Navy Veteran. Michael White was arrested in Iran in 2018, sentenced to up to 13 years in prison while visiting a girlfriend he had met online. He had been in captivity for 683 days.

And what of Sam Goodwin who spent two months in Syrian custody after visiting the country without a visa.

Next, Pastor Andrew Brunson visited Turkey when he was accused of terrorism and being involved in a 2016 coup. President Trump spoke with Erdogan and got Brunson freed.

The Mormon missionary, Joshua Holt and his wife, Thamara Candelo Holt, whom he met and married in Venezuela, were arrested for allegedly stockpiling grenades and an AK-47 assault rifle. Authorities accused the couple of harboring weapons at the wife’s family’s home. Holt he was imprisoned in a Caracas for two years without a trial. Trump got him back.

In another story, Pastor Bryan Nerran was arrested in India after not declaring $40.00 in cash on his way to Nepal. What a ridiculous reason to arrest a U.S. citizen. But this describes the problem when you have weak leadership like that of Obama. Countries will use U.S. citizens as pawns.

In all, Trump rescued more than fifty hostages from over twenty-two different countries. Yet the fake news media heralded none of them. The fact is that Trump brought the largest number of American hostages home–more than any other President in the history of the United States.

But tell me again that Biden is the one who can “build back better.”


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