BLM Activist Attempted to Murder Democrat Candidate

The only thing worse than being white is being a Jew!

Yesterday, Louisville police arrested a well-known BLM activist after he tried to shoot Craig Greenberg, a Jewish Democrat running for mayor.

While every shooting is disturbing, there is one thing that makes this the worst kind of crime. There is no discernable motive! In other words, Quintez Brown doesn’t have an excuse for his rampage. And he’s lucky he’s not a better marksman.

I think we can all agree that those affiliated with Black Lives Matter seem prone to violence. But for the most part, the violence happens when they gather together and riot in the streets. It’s not usually this kind of one on one, up close and personal crime.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

Brown, 21, has been prominent in the city’s civil rights activism, including Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, and previously worked for the Louisville Courier Journal. He had recently announced a run for the city’s municipal council.

Police said he was charged Tuesday with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment in his alleged shooting attack in Greenberg’s downtown office. No one was hurt, although a bullet penetrated Greenberg’s clothing. No motive has been reported.

Like a typical leftist, Brown was crying “mental illness” before the cuffs were all the way on. But Twitter offered up a few fun facts about Brown.

The Obama Connection

Here’s a little something that isn’t very surprising. Brown was once recognized by baby black Jesus himself- Barack Obama.

Andy Ngo posted a few more interesting tidbits of information.

He gets crazier and crazier.

But that’s what leftism does. It eats away at the brain.

Let’s not forget the blame game.

It didn’t take leftists any time to blame the right for this atrocious act. Yet it turned out to be a fellow leftist that aimed at Craig.

Ngo’s tweets didn’t really shock me. But some of the replies actually made me shake my head.

Typical Democrat garbage.

Of course 100% of liberals can’t be great. But shooting a mayoral candidate without cause? Blaming the right? Show me one great leftist, and I’ll show you someone about to exit the party. So forget great. Especially under Joe Biden’s rule. All we can do now is thank God the demented clown can’t stick around indefinitely.

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