Black Leftists Blame White People for BLM Violence

Joy Reid has no choice but to attack anything and everything tied to conservatives. It is her only way to remain “relevant,” or shall we say “in the public eye.”

However, it doesn’t take long, listening to Reid, to realize that she is the real face of hatred in this country. And she hides her extremism behind a black face to pretend she is chasing social justice. Talk about the “Big Lie.”

Most recently, Reid’s comments regarding Kyle Rittenhouse are generating a buzz.

According to the New York Post:

Joy Reid is a racist sociopath. How else explain her reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse breaking down in the witness box during his murder trial last week?

“White crocodile tears,” said the hate-mongering MSNBC prime-time anchor.

This is a woman on a seven-figure salary who went to Harvard and has more elite privilege in her little finger than the 17-year-old son of a single mother who was in Kenosha working as a lifeguard when all hell broke loose in the form of BLM-Antifa riots in August 2020.

Yet Reid continually plays the victim and makes her living punching down at white people less fortunate than she is.

Rittenhouse, now 18, lost his composure last week when he had to recount the moment he was cornered by two men, Joshua Ziminski, who was advancing on him with a pistol in his hand, and Joseph Rosenbaum, a deranged pedophile just out of a psych ward, who had already twice threatened to kill him.

His face crumpled as he tried to squeeze his eyes together to stop the tears, and his body shook with great shuddering sobs. This is exactly how a brave, manly young man behaves when he doesn’t want to cry or show weakness.

Up until that moment, he had answered questions with admirable composure. But the memory of taking two lives, albeit in self-defense, clearly rests heavily on him, as it would on anyone with a conscience. His lawyer told the court on Friday that Rittenhouse is in therapy and has post-traumatic stress disorder due to the shootings.

The authenticity of his emotion was evident to anyone but a sociopath.

Building Hate

I have to say, I don’t watch Joy Reid. She’s never said anything that I found interesting. But after seeing her reaction to Rittenhouse’s testimony, I did a little digging. Clearly, Reid has been cultivating this reaction for months.

I found an interesting clip from September 1, 2020. In it, Reid claims that BLM protests are peaceful, positive protests. She addressed images of businesses being looting or burned as the actions of white people who are offended by the peaceful demonstrations from BLM. Desperately, Reid insinuates that these “night images” of BLM protests are really just out there because night time is when the white people show up to shout their reactions. Ironically, BLM rioters claim their actions are forms of payback, essentially taking the place of reparations. “So which is it?” I ask Reid.

Still, Reid goes on to say it’s a misconception to believe “the protests are fueling the violence.” Reid calls this a “lazy assumption.” Furthermore, she contends that characterizing BLM as violent is just a way for Donald Trump to hold the votes in states like Wisconsin. Like I said, nothing interesting there. However, Reid is the perfect example of how leftists skew the truth so profusely.

Let’s keep in mind this was a seventeen year old boy who showed up in Kenosha because a small business sent out an outcry for help. Rittenhouse went to stand between BLM protests, their unrest, and the safety of the city. He wanted to keep the peace and provide medical assistance to anyone in need.

But to Reid, the sincerity is lost. Or more likely, just ignored.

The Post adds:

“Kyle Rittenhouse put on quite a show for the nearly all-white jury in his murder trial,” Reid sneered in response to his tears.

She described him as “a novice actor attempting to convey sorrow … It was a Razzie-worthy performance, in my view, but I’m not the target audience for this sick show.”

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Enter Donald Trump

Ironically, leftists blame Donald Trump for these situations when they are the ones who wanted to disable police forces. Recall, liberals wanted to defund the police and block their presence at every turn. No wonder Kenosha was over-flowing with chaos. They rejected Trump’s “law and order.” But defunding the police backfired, so let’s blame Donald Trump.

Let’s also keep in mind that leftists are furious that Trump wanted to look at the situation before condemning this teenager. Trump literally said “he fell, people came at him, he was in trouble, we need to investigate further.” I’m going to go on record and agree that a teenager at a protest with a gun is far too likely to get in over his head. I would definitely insist that my teenagers stay the hell out of Dodge. But as parents, we aren’t always given the chance to intervene.

Clearly Rittenhouse’s tears suggest that he knows the gravity of the situation. Yet, his life was clearly in danger, and Rittenhouse was sitting smack-dab in the middle of a “kill or be killed” scenario. Of the two choices, how many of us would fire that gun just like Rittenhouse did?

Tragically, we now have a teenager in dire straits. Whether or not he is faced with a jail sentence, the consequences are heavy. The emotional weight of taking these two lives will be nearly impossible to overcome. Obviously, we can rest easy knowing Rittenhouse deeply regrets this loss of life. And his life is forever changed by Kenosha.

Unfortunately, we can not rest easy when it comes to Joy Reid and the other leftists media icons hell bent on poisoning the nation with their outrageous liberal interpretations of the world around them.

Like the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, it will be decades before the damage starts to fade away.

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