Democrats Should Admit that Biden is an A-Hole

Why don’t Democrats admit that the loveable old grandpa is just a demented a-hole? It’s not like Americans don’t know it.

Just recently, Biden twice snapped at reporters, both from Fox News. In one instance, he was caught on a live mic calling Peter Doocy a son of a b*tch, because Doocy dare to ask a question about Bidenflation.

“Will you take a question on inflation?” Doocy asked Biden on Monday. “Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?”

“No, it’s a great asset,” Biden said sarcastically into a microphone. “More inflation. What a stupid son of a b*tch.”

Forget the latter part. What cracks me up is that a braindead moron like Biden calling somebody stupid.

In another incident that happened earlier, Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden why he was “waiting” for Russian President Vladimir Putin “to make the first move” as tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated in recent days.

“What a stupid question,” Biden said in a response that was captured by audio pool reporters in the room.

Biden can’t answer legitimate questions. He’s only prepared to answer “setup” questions by fake news media. So when he’s hit with a question not on his agenda, his Tourette’s/dementia kicks in. Hard.

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White Lies and Alibis

Is it just me, or did presidential accountability end in 1972? When Nixon was caught in a scandal, he stepped down. Essentially, the crime was spying on his opponents campaign. Surely that pales in comparison to Biden’s misgivings. Yet, the President manages to avoid the walk of shame over and over again. Any one of these scandals should’ve kicked Biden out of government.

      • He lied about his education- claiming three degrees, top notch grades, and merit scholarships.
      • Biden claimed his wife and daughter were hit by a drunk driver. Instead, she basically committed vehicular suicide and took her newborn daughter with her.
      • He threatened the Ukraine and bullied them into dropping investigations that would expose his son.
      • Biden pretended that he was arrested while protesting for civil rights. However, there is no proof that he even fought for civil rights.
      • The Hunter Biden laptop revealed that Biden peddled his father’s influence, selling out to China.

But did Biden offer up a letter of resignation? Of course not. And the list of lies is so long, it would takes days to compile. Most recently, it has come to light that Biden once stopped a black female from becoming a judge on the DC circuit court of appeals. Isn’t that ironic? However, Biden is not just a world-class idiot. He’s also a grade-A jerk.

None of this new.

In the short amount of campaigning Biden did, he offended many people.

Recall that Biden told black people, if they don’t vote for him then “you ain’t black”. That’s an a-holish statement, if there ever was one. In fact, some call it “voter intimidation.” How dare Biden define “blackness”, and in those terms.


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