Five Phoenix Officers Gunned Down: Infant Escapes Unharmed

Senseless Brutality Continues

Obama did a lot of damage to this country. The worst of which just might be his war on cops.

From the moment Obama took office, the cultural expectations shifted. We went from a country that was taught to respect and aid law enforcement to a country that rebels against authority. But guess what? It didn’t make America any better. In fact, it only made things worse.

To be fair, Trump did spend four years working to restore order. And he was close, very close, when Democrats pulled the Big Cheat. So now what do we have? Mayhem in the streets. As NWA used to say, it’s “F#ck the Police!”

Fox News reports:

Five Phoenix police officers were wounded Friday morning while responding to a shooting that led to an hours-long barricaded situation inside a house in the Arizona city, according to investigators.

The incident began shortly before 3 a.m. local time, and was resolved at about 7 a.m., police said. Officials did not immediately provide additional information.

This is senseless. It doesn’t need to happen, and it continues to happen over and over again.

— Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said the officers were responding to a shooting at a home near 51st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. When one officer approached to help, the suspect opened fire, striking him multiple times, Williams said.

Despite immense personal danger, police put rescuing a baby above their own safety. They were rewarded with bullet holes.

Fox continues:

More officers were then targeted when a baby that was inside the home was placed in a carrier outside, police said.

“As officers went to bring that baby to safety, the suspect continued to shoot, firing and striking four other officers,” Williams said. “At that time our officers returned fire. The suspect then barricaded himself in the home and right now our special assignment unit is taking the lead on this scene.”

Williams said the shooting was “just one more example of the dangers our officers face every day keeping us and our community safe.”

“If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It doesn’t need to happen, and it continues to happen over and over again,” she told reporters. “But I am thankful that our four officers are recovering and one of them is seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.”

A woman at the scene also was reported to be critically injured, but police did not elaborate on her identity or relation to the shooting. The baby is reported to be safe.

Before You Blame the Guns

Here’s the part where leftists like to chime in and blame the guns. But they never give the whole story. Truth be told, from the early 90s until 2019, violent crime trended downward nationwide. Of course, there are exceptions, like Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, and Baton Rouge, to name a few. But overall, things were looking up.

Guess what happened then? Yep, you got it. The pandemic. Or as Kevin Jackson coined, the scamdemic. Experts now say the massive spike in violent crimes stems from social unrest, unstable communities, and Covid lockdowns.

FNN adds:

Massive social upheaval spurred by the coronavirus pandemic is in large part to blame for the national surge in violent crime — not guns, an expert told Fox News Digital.

“We have crime because we have people,” said Amy Swearer, a legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “Crime is a very complex subject.”

From the early 1990s through 2019, there was a national decline in violent crime, but the pendulum swung back in 2020, she said.

“We’ve seen across the nation unprecedented spikes in homicide rates and other types of violent crime,” she said.

Homicide spike

The homicide rate shot up by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019 — the sharpest one-year increase in the nation’s history — and the upward trend has continued into 2021, according to FBI and other data. About 4,000 more Americans were murdered in 2020 compared to the prior year, Swearer said.

Widespread rioting and social unrest over racial injustice in addition to COVID-19 shutdowns destabilized communities, she said.

Gang violence intervention programs, schools and other vital community services were shuttered, Swearer noted.

Although shootings are up in many big cities, Swearer said eliminating guns isn’t a realistic goal when there are 400 million privately owned firearms in the U.S. This figure doesn’t include police or military weapons.

“The cat is already out of the bag,” she added. “There are more privately owned guns than people in this country. You have to take that into account when you talk about combating gun violence.”

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Let’s get real here. Most people that use guns to commit crimes aren’t buying them at the local Walmart.

They’re getting these guns under the table. On the black market. And no amount of legislating gun rights will change that. If you doubt me, just look up the word “prohibition” and see what happens when the law oversteps. More lawlessness.

“When you crack down on these official channels you’re not actually addressing the bulk of gun violence or how those offenders obtain those guns,” she said. “Tougher gun control is a talking point that sells well to certain politician’s constituents, but it isn’t effective policy.”

Cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles face a unique dilemma. It is incredibly difficult for residents to obtain a gun permit while criminals are roaming the streets with illegal firearms.

“You end up with this problem where there are a number of otherwise law-abiding citizens who can’t obtain concealed carry permits who are told they have no reason to be afraid, but they carry anyway because they are afraid,” Swearer said. “These residents tend to be people of color from poorer neighborhoods who are most likely to be victims of violent crime.”

In New York City, anyone caught with a loaded firearm faces a second-degree criminal possession of a weapon charge, which carries a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years and a maximum of 15 years.

The Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, along with other public defender groups, wrote a legal brief last year arguing that “New York’s licensing regime criminalizes the exercise of the Second Amendment” and unfairly devastates the lives of minorities in poorer neighborhoods who fear for their safety.

But leftists will continue to ignore these facts, while they continue to advocate gun control. Meanwhile, they’ll fight to defund the police and push back against any efforts at law enforcement. At least until a few thugs get through their giant fences in their gated communities. Only then do they consider who’s behind the curtain when you dial 9-1-1.


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