Rush is Back. And He’s BLACK!

Kevin Jackson Fills the Void

Exactly one year ago today, Rush Limbaugh passed away. He left a magnanimous black hole in conservative commentary. To be honest, no one can replace Rush; he was one of a kind. But Kevin Jackson definitely fills the void.

To be honest, I’m not sure when Kevin Jackson sleeps. But I would sure like to know where he gets his energy. He has a lot of irons in the fire. Kevin’s written three best-sellers. The BIG Black LieSexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies, and his latest book, Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism.

Additionally, Kevin Founded “The Black Sphere,” where we digest the news and turn it into real talk. Now, The Black Sphere is part of “The Kevin Jackson Network,” which also includes Jackson’s documentary project “Bleeding Blue.” The movie’s focus is the war on cops that Obama dropped on our streets. In fact, Bleeding Blue tells the stories the media refuses to tell. And when Hollywood shunned the film, Jackson pressed on. He founded the Flick Fest. The streaming platform has hundred of movies that are wholesome, good films. It is jam-packed with independent movies that are fresh, new, and award winners you can watch with your family. I know, I almost sound like an infomercial, but Jackson came up with something we’ve been needing. An alternative to Tinsel Town.

But that’s not all. In the spirit of “ShamWow, wait- there’s more!”

Like Rush Limbaugh, Kevin Jackson hosts his own radio show, where his clever wit sucks in new listeners daily. Unfortunately, the social media giants made it their mission to silence Jackson, but they’ve failed to shut him down. It was a Friday the 13th of November in 2020 when we got the bad news that our page was unpublished. At the time, we didn’t have any marks against us. They had tried to remove a few of our articles, claiming “fake news,” but each time I personally appealed the decisions and I won each and every time. Still, one day they pulled the plug.

Even though our page was already suffering from shadow-banning, so-called fact checkers, and other forms of censorship, we truly had well over half-a-million followers on Facebook. Which is exactly why FB pulled the plug. We had a platform for conservatism. Twitter soon joined in and kicked Jackson of their platform too. Obviously, Leftists are scared to let conservatives get their message out. Because that’s exactly how they keep losing party members. So go ahead, censor us. Because Jackson won’t back down. In fact, Jackson travels across the country speaking at colleges, universities, political gatherings, and more. He is taking the message to the people in ways Al Sharpton can only dream of.

Of course, we know what Limbaugh felt about censorship.

In fact, here’s a tidbit from his radio show about Facebook censoring Mark Levin. And of all days, they did this on the eve of the election.

RUSH: Our old buddy Mark Levin, you know, just to show you how serious this cyber thievery is, Mark Levin has had restrictions placed on his Facebook page. He tweeted out yesterday, “Facebook has now placed severe restrictions on my Facebook page on the eve of the election.” He said — I know Levin – “I’m not gonna be intimidated or threatened by Facebook. You can also find my posts on Twitter and Parler.”

I mean, Mark Levin’s Facebook page has been censored? I mean, that’s… (interruption) No, no, no. If they’re willing to do that, it means that they are serious about censorship, and it’s something everybody ought to be paying attention to.

Unfortunately, liberals won’t worry about censorship until it hits them in the face. And there’s no telling how long that will take. In the meantime, Jackson continues carry the torch. He is hyper-focused on education with his pet project known as SEE (Seeking Educational Excellence). As a non-profit, SEE continues to produce and distribute FREE historically accurate curriculum (for high school teachers in the classroom and parents who homeschool), along with grants to students. Most importantly, SEE works to debunk The 1619 Project, BLM and Critical Race Theory.

Today, Limbaugh’s widow told the world her husband would be “furious” if he were here to weigh in. But she also said he would tell all of us to “never give up.”

Obviously, Jackson isn’t really Rush Limbaugh. But if you ask me, I’d say he’s the new and improved Rush. Not only does he offer a fresh perspective on politics, but he actually makes the world a much better place. Sure, I’m a little biased. After five years of working for him, I can honestly say Kevin’s a hard-core conservative warrior. And the best boss I personally have ever known. Naturally, you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their team.

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