Texas Democrat Vows to Take On ULTIMATE HUMILIATION

Beto Says He's Ready

Ahhhhh. 2018. The good old days. President Trump was in the White House. We went to bed knowing our freedom was secure. Our money was growing. And we had a true leader at the helm.

It was also a year of midterms. And Beto O’Rourke thought he would unseat Ted Cruz in a landslide victory. As a bonified Texan, born and bred, I knew it wouldn’t happen. But I watched anyway, mostly for entertainment purposes.

It’s always fun to observe Ted Cruz annihilate someone during a debate, and the election gave us plenty of those moments. First and foremost, Beto lost because he lived in denial. He refused to look at the border as a crisis. Thus, Beto had no intentions of finishing the border wall. That was a mistake. As Trump would put it, a “huge” mistake.

Voters watched as Beto took campaign donations and bought gift cards to pass out for illegals. And they started to stew. By election day, the writing was on the wall. Beto was toast. One might think he’d tuck his tail and run, but he wasn’t quite smart enough to call it quits.

Instead, Beto threw his hat in the presidential ring during 2019. Alongside about a hundred other deadbeat Democrats. It wasn’t rocket science to guess Beto’s fate. Especially once news of his checkered past started to pop up.

At the time, I wrote:

Reuters KNEW of O’Rourke’s disturbed history. In fact, they uncovered it during the 2018 campaign.
In what should be no surprise of media malpractice, Reuters now admits the news organization knew of Robert O’Rourke’s crazy writings and work as a hacker years ago. Facts about the crazy activities and mind of a man who would cost Microsoft millions. Worse, O’Rourke had dreams of running over children in his car.
Apparently, Reuters didn’t want to influence O’Rourke’s election against Ted Cruz, when they decided to keep very relevant information on the insanity of O’Rourke private. 
Understanding O’Rourke’s history, no one needed additional information to know this man is certifiably crazy. However, for the sake of argument, Reuters disregarded their responsibility to inform the public.
Where it Begins
Joseph Menn is one of the longest running investigative journalists in the world of cyber security. He’s won a ton of awards and written a few books, including All the Rave: The Rise and Fall of Shawn Fanning’s Napster and Fatal System Error: The Hunt for the New Crime Lords Bringing Down the Internet. So, it was no surprise when Menn decided to write a book about the Cult of the Dead Cow.
This self-proclaimed cult of hackers fascinated Menn because, in his words, “they were the most interesting and influential hacking group in history. They illustrated a lot of the things that I think are fascinating about hacking and security work.”
Members of the group spent years protecting O’Rourke, but the author stumbled across Beto’s hacking and actually got him to open up about his dirty little secret.
Reuters chronicled the rest of the story:

“While I was looking into the Cult of the Dead Cow, I found out that they had a member who was sitting in Congress. I didn’t know which one. But I knew that they had a member of Congress.

“And then I figured out which one it was. And the members of the group wouldn’t talk to me about who it was. They wouldn’t confirm that it was this person unless I promised that I wouldn’t write about it until after the November election. That’s because the member of Congress had decided to run for Senate. Beto O’Rourke is who it was.

O’Rourke’s writing include ‘how to create a money-less society,’ along with fantasies of running over children with his car. Twisted is putting it nicely. By November, Beto decided to bow out.

Most candidates get the hint once they lose two elections.

Especially when they are consecutive, as Beto’s losses are. However, Beto is a special kind of stupid, so he’s decided to run for Texas Governor.

Not only is Texas sick of Democrats who want open borders and created a stagnant economy, but we also love our governor. While many states continue to deal with shutdowns and lockouts, ridiculous mask mandates and vaccines forced on citizens, Texas isn’t one of them.

Governor Abbot got our kids back to school. He listened to the science, the REAL science. And he sets an example among conservative governors across the nation. Clearly, polls tend to downplay the positives for conservatives. Yet, 88% of voters recently reported being concerned about the rising costs of goods and services. In other words, we’re running out of money. And that hits hard, whether you sit on the right or the left.

Of course, there is one more factor Beto should consider, before making an utter fool of himself. Joe Biden has the LOWEST presidential approval rating I’ve ever seen. His failure to accomplish, well, anything will weigh heavily on voters. As such, I expect many Democrats seats to turn red in November. There’s no way in hell Texas will let the governor’s mansion turn blue.

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