Trump DeSantis Relationship

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Democrats are so easy to predict. And let me give you a few examples.

Not long ago, the idea was floated that Democrats might want Hillary Clinton run again in 2024. The idea of this is ridiculous. But multiple Leftist media outlets picked up the story.

Like with Russian collusion, it turned out that Hillary Clinton’s operatives started the rumor. And like with the outcome on Russian collusion, the story fizzled.

Another older example involves my friend and idol, Justice Clarence Thomas. A few years back the media floated rumors of his retirement. He said to my face that he has NEVER uttered those words. And he assured me that they would “carry my body from my chambers on a gurney.”

The Left fake news media lied. Justice Thomas was picking his clerks for the following year when that rumor surfaced.

So now we get the Left’s latest attempt to throw shade.

A few months back, the media began dropping rumors that DeSantis and Trump didn’t like each other. How is that remotely possible, given how closely these two agree? At the time, I called “skank” on this idea, because I knew the Democrats were up to their old tricks. And rightfully so.

Because a Trump/DeSantis ticket wins in a landslide.

Now we have DeSantis himself debunking the theory.

According to Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republicans, including himself, have the support of former President Trump, and any notion to the contrary can be attributed to media spin. DeSantis sat down in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital on Monday in Tallahassee, Florida, during which he stated that he’s on good terms with Trump.

“Donald Trump’s a friend of mine. He is proud when people do well, and it’s not just me, but obviously he’s a Florida resident, and he appreciates the job that we’ve done. He’s told me that many times, not only with helping with the election, but just how we govern the state.”

DeSantis wouldn’t say whether he would potentially take on Trump in 2024 and said anonymous sources close to Trump who said he has a “dull personality” could be attributed to Democrats and the media, who are trying to stoke division within the Republican Party in order to re-elect President Biden.

Democrats must really think we are stupid. Keep in mind that DeSantis is a Rhodes Scholar. So there is no way he would fall for such nonsense.

DeSantis is cut from the same cloth as Trump. Both accomplished men, and as unpretentious as they come. Democrats hate that Republicans have a proven leader. But what scares them most is that Republicans have a BENCH.

And DeSantis is clearly second in command of the Republican Party.



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