Trump Grades Biden: America’s in Trouble!

The past year was shameful, absolutely.

Imagine being the best of the best at your job. Pretend for a moment that profits were up and losses were down. Everyone in the office felt better about the company. You brought raises across the board and 25% less sick days were used. Everything about your career screamed #WINNING!

Now, imagine you got to work one day with your winning smile, and you stepped out of your winning purchase of a brand new car, and walked in your winning shoes up to the fifth floor, where you’ve been winning for the past four years. Only your name is missing from your office door!

This is what happened to Donald Trump. Why? Was it his slightly orange complexion? Or perhaps his hair-do didn’t suit the liberal masses. Maybe it’s the tweets. If only I had a dollar for every time someone chimed in to tell me they couldn’t take his Twitter feed for one more day. Is that what this world has come down to?

Here’s the thing. If you don’t like Trump’s look, then turn your head. If you don’t like his social media, unfollow him. But show me where he made America worse off? I’m waiting…

While I’m waiting, let’s make a list of the improvements Biden’s offered. If we wait on that list to populate, we’ll still be here in 2055. And even then the list will be blank.

But it’s not just that Biden’s failure to improve things that causes a problem. It’s also his destruction of America that we won’t soon recover from. And our former president is devastated to see all his hard work go down the drain.

In fact, Trump made it clear, this isn’t about politics. It’s genuine sadness to see our great country falter.

Fox News explains:

Former President Donald J. Trump joined “Hannity” on Thursday for a wide-ranging, exclusive interview one day after President Joe Biden’s press conference.

Trump commented on Biden’s roundly-criticized remark about a potential “minor incursion” into Ukraine by Russian forces, but also offered diplomatic support for the president, regardless of their personal differences.

“It was a very sad time for our country. I want him to forget politics, I want him to do well. He’s got to do well,” Trump said of Biden.

“Our country is in trouble… I don’t think we’ve ever had anything like it in this country. When you look at that horrible situation in Afghanistan, the way they got out, getting out was good but the way they got out, we could have gotten that with strength and with dignity and kept Bagram [Air Base].”

In regard to Biden’s first year overall, Trump discussed how Biden has led the rest of the world to disrespect the United States.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been in this position… I feel ashamed at what’s happened in the last year with our country. I’m ashamed of what’s going on, and so are Americans,” Trump said.

“They’re ashamed and embarrassed. They haven’t seen this. I don’t think we’ve ever seen this like this.”

The Big Issues

We’ve had presidents who excelled at domestic policy, but were lacking at foreign relations and vice versa. We’ve had peacetime presidents who were built for war and wartime presidents who were built for peace. But we’ve never had anything as outrageously defunct as Joe Bide.

Fox adds:

Trump criticized Biden’s ushering in record inflation, an insecure border with millions of illegal immigrants flooding the United States and the fact the president’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal led to the death of 13 U.S. service members after 18 months of zero casualties under his own leadership.

“We would have had the wall completed in three weeks which was largely completed, we did almost 500 miles of wall and the southern border. It was really working, it really had an impact, and we were working along with Mexico and Guatemala, Honduras. We were in El Salvador; all of these countries,” he said.

“So we had the most secure border we’ve ever had… And then it’s all gone in one instant. At first, I thought it was gross incompetence, but now it’s incompetent policy. They really want to have an open border,” Trump said of Biden and his advisers.

Trump predicted that the weak foreign policy of Biden’s administration toward U.S. rivals Russia and China could spell further turmoil in under a month:

“So now you have a problem in Ukraine, which you would have never had under my administration… You watch, after the Olympics [taking place in Beijing], You[‘ll] have a big problem with Taiwan,” Trump said.

“They’re all watching and they can’t believe what they’re seeing,” he said of America’s rivals and enemies.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Leftists are looking to Biden, hoping to God he can say Trump is wrong. Unfortunately, Biden can’t say that at all. The president was literally laughed at when he tried to claim his first year in the White House “scandal free.” Unfortunately for us, none of Trump’s words are untrue. We’re no longer #winning. Our economy crashed and burned. Now we’re all carrying around the scars of more expensive goods, the rising cost of gasoline, supply shortages, the loss of energy independence. and sky-rocketing utility bills.

Our border is open, weakened by a President who lacks a backbone, and other countries no longer respect our natural authority as a superpower. Because it has been destroyed. What more could Biden take away from us? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that out loud.




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