520,000 Ukrainians on the Run because of Biden

America is no longer the light on a hill.

Leave it Democrats to create humanitarian crises. And who better than Captain Demento?

Because of Joe Biden’s weakness, over half a million Ukrainians are on the run. Imagine that the incompetence of one person thousands of miles away can impact your life and livelihood forever. That reality hit the Ukrainians as their lives have been forever altered.

Yes, elections do have consequences, particularly stolen elections.

According to AP,

The mass exodus of refugees from Ukraine to the eastern edge of the European Union showed no signs of stopping Monday, with the U.N. estimating more than 520,000 people have already escaped Russia’s burgeoning war against Ukraine.

Long lines of cars and buses were backed up at checkpoints at the borders of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and non-EU member Moldova. Others crossed the borders on foot, dragging their possessions behind them.

Several hundred refugees were gathered at a temporary reception center in the Hungarian border village of Beregsurany awaiting transport to transit hubs, where they would be taken further into Hungary and beyond.

Maria Pavlushko, 24, an information technology project manager from Zhytomyr, 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, said she was on a skiing holiday in the Carpathian mountains when she got word from home that Russia’s invasion had begun.

“My granny called me saying there is war in the city,” she said.

The bloodshed is tragic. While at least 13 children were killed by Russians, Putin put his own family into a bunker, where they are safe from the realities of war. If only Ukrainians had such luxuries.

The real irony? Besides the fact that Biden’s demented ass sits in the Oval Office via a cheat? Sadly, America sits under more of a dictatorship than Russia.

How dare Joe Biden accuse Putin of anything. This fool closed the world’s largest economy down over a money-grabbing ruse. Sadly, it’s more than just a money-grab. The supposed-cure continually assaults the vaxxers. Most recently, we learned that children and young adults are experiencing a rare syndrome. This hyper-inflammatory condition where the body’s immune system goes into overdrive and shows symptoms of fever and systemic inflammation involving multiple organ systems is very dangerous. Yet, the virus itself isn’t. Talk about irony.

Further, those who don’t suffer side effects might just get the short end of the stick. Because Biden’s edicts killed thousands of people. In fact, Biden and Fauci may go down in history among the Top 10 mass murderers.


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