Biden Has a Brand-New Problem: Kim Jong Un

Missile Tests Signal Serious Escalation

Biden couldn’t handle Afghanistan. He can’t handle Russia or Ukraine. And now there’s a new problem on the horizon. North Korea’s missiles are making people nervous.

In the past two weeks, there have been two North Korean missile tests. Both of which were supposed to be testing satellite technology. However, it appears as though North Korea’s military was actually testing components of its gigantic “Hwasong-17” intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

MSN adds:

The new weapon was rolled out in a military parade in 2020, but as far as anyone knows, it has never actually been fired. If the missile works the way it has been designed to, it could potentially reach anywhere in the continental United States.

North Korea has ramped up its missile testing since the beginning of the year, and the U.S. has expressed concern that the international community isn’t doing enough to stop them.

However, why isn’t the US doing more to stop them? Once again, we have a situation where Trump had it under control, and Biden came along to screw the pooch. In fact, Trump made history when he sat down with Kim Jong Un in North Korea. It’s really quite simple. Trump handled the Rocket Man, and we were much safer sleeping under Donald Trump’s flag.

In fact, Trump handled Putin, Kim Jong Un, and President Xi Jinping of China. Whereas Biden cowers down, then fails to project the kind of leadership it takes to balance the powers around the world. It’s unbelievable the number of people who now criticize Trump after seeing Biden’s leadership up close and personal.

Recently, Sean Hannity addressed these criticisms with President Trump.

Yahoo! News quotes the conversation:

“Let me go back to the issue of the criticism, because I’ve known you well over 25 years,” [Hannity] said. “And when you got criticized for saying that Vladimir Putin is smart, we’ve had many conversations, and you’ve often quoted to me Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Is that how you viewed Vladimir? Did you view Vladimir Putin and people like President Xi and Kim Jong Un and the Iranian mullahs as enemies that you needed to keep close?”

Trump, in response, didn’t call his former counterparts enemies.

“I got along with these people. I got along with them well,” [Trump] said. “That doesn’t mean they are good people. It doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that I understood them and perhaps they understood me — maybe they understood me even better. That’s OK, because they knew there would be a big penalty.”

The Fox News host continued: “And you understood that they were capable of evil things.”

“Putin is for Russia, and you see what happened,” Trump responded. “And that is all because they didn’t respect our leader. Look, there was nobody, and Putin will tell you this — if he was telling the truth, and I am sure he has told it to all of his inner sanctum — nobody was tougher on Russia than me.”

Leftists can disagree with Trump’s assessment all day long. But as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’

Biden Allowed North Korea to Become a Loose Cannon

Biden allowed terrorists and gangsters to walk across our border. He gave the Taliban $308M worth of military equipment, which they then paraded around, and he can’t influence a single move Putin makes. So it’s no wonder Biden’s had no impact on North Korea. Kim Jong Un is just another world leader that smells a weakling in the pack.

Now, North Korea’s actions reflect our leadership.

According to Newsweek:

A senior official of President Joe Biden’s administration has revealed that the United States believes that North Korea’s most recent launches involve technology likely to be used for upcoming intercontinental ballistic missiles tests.

And while the senior administration official said Washington remained committed to pursuing potential diplomacy with Pyongyang, the official also said that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un‘s administration has yet to respond to such overtures.

Jong Un have publicly noted, we continue to seek diplomacy and we are prepared to meet without preconditions,” the senior administration officials told a press call Thursday. “President Biden himself has previously made clear that he is open to meeting with Kim Jong Un when there is a serious agreement on the table, which would need to be based on working-level negotiations.”

The senior administration official said a leaders’ summit alone would constitute “no guarantee of progress,” referencing the past two summits held between Kim and then-U.S. President Donald Trump in 2018 and 2019. The previous administration’s push for a peace-for-denuclearization deal with North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), ultimately unraveled.

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Tensions have since returned to the Korean Peninsula, but Kim has so far maintained a self-imposed moratorium on conducting nuclear tests and ICBM launches, something North Korea has not done since 2017.

Now even this restraint appears to be at risk. The senior administration official said launches on February 26 and March 5 that North Korea claimed were part of a satellite program actually “involved a relatively new intercontinental ballistic missile system that the DPRK is developing.”

The senior administration official said the new missile system, called Hwasong-17 by North Korea, was seen on display in an October 2020 military parade and later in a defense exhibition in October 2021. Furthe, the senior administration official described the system involved in the recent events as “an ICBM-capable platform,” but noted that “these launches themselves, these tests themselves did not demonstrate ICBM ranges.”

“This is a serious escalation by the DPRK,” the senior administration official said. “But, unlike the DPRK’s three ICBM tests in 2017, neither of these launches demonstrated ICBM range or capability.”

“These launches are likely intended to test elements of this new system before the DPRK conducts a launch at full range,” the senior administration official added, “which they will potentially attempt to disguise as a space launch.”

Seeking broad international support to condemn Pyongyang, a senior Biden administration official also called on North Korea’s powerful northern neighbors, China and Russia, to rein in North Korea’s missile ambitions in a statement sent to Newsweek.

“We are still in the early stages of consultations on this issue,” the senior administration official said. “These developments should be of concern to all countries, particularly those that share a border with the DPRK.”

The DPRK’s decision to return to ICBM tests is a clear escalation,” the senior administration official added, “and China and Russia should send a strong message to its DPRK partners, to refrain from additional provocations and engage in sustained diplomacy.”

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby also later weighed in on the issue, echoing the words of the senior administration official on Thursday’s press call.

“While the DPRK chose not to publicize information on the systems involved in these launches,” Kirby said in a statement, “the United States is revealing this information publicly and sharing it with other allies and partners because we believe that the international community must speak in a united voice to oppose the further development and proliferation of such weapons by the DPRK.”

“The United States strongly condemns these launches, which are a brazen violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions, needlessly raise tensions and risk destabilizing the security situation in the region,” he added.

The U.S. remarks came just a day after North Korea’s state-run media reported on Kim’s visit alongside top officials to his country’s National Aerospace Development Administration.

The third-generation North Korean ruler, who has presided over his nation now for more than a decade following the death of his father, lauded successes in satellite imagery demonstrated by the recent launches. He said that such technology would be used to spy on the military movements of the United States and its allies in the region.

Earth to Biden, Come in Biden

This guy has a five-year plan that includes pulverizing us. If Biden plans on sitting in the big fancy office for three more years, he needs a strategy that will keep North Korea in check. In fact, it’s time Biden read “The Art of the Deal,” and get a few pointers under his belt.

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