BREAKING: Biden Tucks Tail as US Aims to Ban RUSSIAN OIL

There go those foreign oil profits.

Remember when Trump was President and Putin wasn’t such a bad guy?

Times have definitely changed. President Trump had Putin in check. At no time did the Russian leader attempt to invade anyone when Trump was the most powerful man in politics. I don’t know if Trump has any Russian oil investments, and frankly, I don’t care. Because Trump put America first. Our gas was affordable, our groceries were plentiful, and we had paychecks to get what we needed.

Things are quite different now. Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline the moment he took office. Then he started buying billions of barrels of Russian oil a day. Meanwhile, a group of lobbyists and even a Biden adviser were raking in millions off their Russian oil investments. To me, it’s a clear signal that the Biden Administration helped clear the path for such a payoff.

I won’t blame Biden personally, because I don’t think he’s smart enough to orchestrate something so complex, but he gave the nod for his guys to get it done. Come on man! You know it’s true.

But, breaking news reports signal a new game plan. Apparently, the US is about to ban Russian oil. The big guy is in a panic, if he’s awake. His guys won’t like this new strategy. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

The Cost of War

I remember being a political science student at the University of Houston. One of my professors mentioned that war was often profitable. He contended that our nation profits in several ways: selling goods, such as metal, that are used in building weapons, artillery, and armor; providing weapons; reconstruction of war zones, and providing private security or other services, such as rescue missions. I thought it was a callous observation at the time. But with age comes wisdom. Or maybe it’s with research comes knowledge.

USA Today reports:

In 2011, the 100 largest contractors sold $410 billion in arms and military services. Just 10 of those companies sold over $208 billion.

Nearly ten years later, I imagine those figures have increased exponentially. But now, Biden warns that we won’t see any profits. In fact, we’re facing more losses. Especially at the gas tank.

Fox News adds:

Biden, though, warned Americans that the ban would cost American families. Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices since the 2008 financial crisis, with the national gas price average reaching more than $4 per gallon – the highest average to date, according to AAA.

“Putin’s war is already hurting American families at the gas pump since Putin began his military buildup on Ukrainian borders,” Biden warned. “And with this action, it’s going to go up further. I’m going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike here at home and coordination with our partners.”

The president, speaking from the White House on Tuesday, said the ban has “strong bipartisan support in Congress and, I believe, the country.”

“Americans have rallied to support the Ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part of subsidizing Putin’s war,” Biden said.

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Isn’t it ironic to watch Biden try to rescue Ukraine?

This is the same country Biden once threatened over his crackhead son! Funny how that suddenly flipped. In fact, everywhere you look between Russia and Ukraine, you will find Democrat fingerprints. Especially those of Biden and the Clintons.

As for Russia, the third largest oil producer in the world, they won’t be losing their entire customer base. Most of Europe lacks independent oil production.

Russian oil exports account for about one-third of Europe’s oil imports, however, for the United States, Russian exports are just under 10% of U.S. overall imports.

Biden touted the $1 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, saying that shipments of defensive weapons are arriving in Ukraine every day from the United States.”

“We’re also providing humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people, both to those still in Ukraine and those who have fled safely to neighboring country,” Biden said, adding the administration is working with organizations to send “tens of thousands of tons of food, water and medical supplies into Ukraine.”

Not that Biden would toot his own horn. But he even takes credit for the collapse of the ruble.

“One ruble is now worth less than one American penny,” he said, adding that the U.S. and allies have also cut Russia’s largest banks from the international SWIFT financial system, which has “crippled their ability to do business with the rest of the world.”

“In addition, we’re choking off Russia’s access to technology, like semiconductors, that sap its economic strength and will weaken its military for years to come,” Biden said.

Pointing to the private sector, Biden said major companies, like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Ford, Nike, Apple are suspending operations and pulling out of Russia “entirely, without even being asked.”

“The U.S. Stock Exchange has halted trading in many Russian securities, and the private sector is united against Russia’s vicious war of choice,” Biden said.

Then he added his plan to tap the joint-oil reserve, which will include 60 million barrels of American oil. But that strategy isn’t nearly as impressive as it sounds. Biden’s even reconsidering the Keystone Pipeline. It is, as Kevin Jackson called it, a desperate move with bad optics. Key word: DESPERATE. Expect a lot more of that to roll out of the White House. Because Biden is no chess master. He can’t even play checkers.

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