Colorado Investigating 2020 Election Fraud

The Democrat denial runs deep.

In what appears to be more proof of cheating in the 2020 Presidential Election, the state of Colorado may be entering the fray.

Any sane person knows that Democrats cheated their crooked asses off. And this nonsense of people not voting for Biden but against Trump is as believable as Hillary Clinton being a swimsuit model.

Democrats fight any attempts to validate the election, essentially telling Americans to get over The Big Cheat. Sure, just like we were supposed to drop the Hunter Biden laptop story. But we now see where that story is headed, despite protestations by many Leftists that the story was “Russian misinformation”. We now know that every one of those Leftist scumbags lied.

For those keeping score, Trump was right about the following:

  • No Russian collusion
  • No Ukraine extortion
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop
  • Stormy Daniels is a lying skank
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And soon we will learn the obvious about other Trump suggestions.

Like Hillary Clinton conspired with multiple entities to defame Donald Trump. I wrote about Trump’s lawsuit and the ramifications of it.

Also, Americans will discover that Jan 6 was created by Leftists.

Perhaps most importantly, Americans will learn that the entirety of the Joe Biden “presidency” was as big a lie as “hands up, don’t shoot!”. Yes, the 2020 President Election was a coup.

In Frank Speech, Mike Lindell reports on the coup:


The third forensic report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems exposes, proof of changing vote counts, multiple unauthorized databases discovered and used in two separate elections, and more. Public calls for immediate federal and state law enforcement to investigate evidence of crimes.

[Denver, Colorado, March 21, 2022] – The third official forensic Mesa Report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems is being posted publicly tomorrow, March 22 at 9:00 a.m. CST on . The report shows that the Mesa County electronic voting system contained multiple databases, which should not have been present and also indicates manipulated vote counts. The multiple databases in the voting system show ballot and ballot batch records were moved and changed, breaking the chain of evidence, leaving the true vote count unknown. This makes the vote count in Mesa County’s voting system impossible to authenticate, or prove accurate, voiding the legal certification of Mesa’s election. The report goes on to explain that this illegal activity happened in two different elections and there is no possible way this manipulation was an accident.

The first forensic report analyzing the Mesa County electronic voting systems showed that at least 29,000 election records had been deleted at the direction of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. The second Mesa forensic report exposed numerous system vulnerabilities including firewall and security rules that would allow any computer in the world to connect to the voting system server, and 36 separate wireless networking devices in the voting system. Between the wireless devices, the insecure configuration, and the destroyed election records, the voting system could have been undetectably connected to the unauthorized devices, networks, and the internet, directly, or indirectly. In the third report, there is undeniable evidence that vote counts were changed and manipulated.

Yet, Democrats deny any funny business in 2020.

Worse, they think we should actually believe them. No matter what evidence is produced. Which means they won’t hesitate to try this again in the coming elections.



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