Hunter’s Laptop From Hell Has Gone NUCLEAR

And dear old dad can't make it go away.

Joey Demento was supposed to perform. That’s all it would take to make America accept “The Great Reset.”

After all, wasn’t the country tired of the orange man?

So what- Democrats stole the election. They figured America would accept our fate, and move on until the next crooked election.

Note: before the “fact-checkers” fact-check my statement about election theft, how about they hold off calling it “misinformation” until they get the note from above that it’s ok to discuss the truth. You know, like in the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Leftists are no strangers to misinformation.

Russian collusion by Trump, Ukrainian extortion, Trump bimbo eruptions, the aforementioned coup, and even Jan 6th. All Leftist manufactured lies. And the Hunter Biden laptop from hell will expose them all.

According to Rasmussen, nearly two-thirds of voters say the story of Hunter Biden’s lost laptop is important. Ouch. After all the attempts to cover up this story. Worse, the Left’s attempt to make fools out of Americans. Because who wouldn’t believe Hunter’s story, if you follow the bread crumbs:

    • Kicked out of the Navy for doing coke
    • Arrested for doing coke
    • Flunked rehab, because he was addicted to coke.
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And you wonder what Hunter’s dead brother’s wife saw in him. This man was a catch.
    • Hunter fooled around with a stripper/prostitute on his brother’s widow
    • Hunter fathered a child with said stripper/prostitute
    • Then Hunter denied the child (as did the Biden family) and didn’t pay child support
    • The child was PROVEN to be Hunter’s, and he cried poverty when it came time pay his ex.

Stellar credentials, which is why clearly one can see how a Ukrainian oil and gas company (Burisma) might want Hunter Biden on its board. Further, Burisma paid Hunter and his partner millions of dollars, because crackheads make great business partners, particularly when they have crooked daddies in positions of power.

And it goes almost without saying that any one should understand how the wife of the Moscow (that’s in Russia, Lefties!) oligarch would give Hunter $3.5 million. What are you? STUPID?!

But Hunter Biden isn’t the only Biden polling poorly on this issue.

A plurality of Americans believe President Joe Biden was probably involved in his son’s foreign business deals. That’s right, People. The Big Guy.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 66% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop containing emails about his business dealings is important. By the way, this is the same percentage of people who think Biden is doing a crappy job alongside Trump’s favorable job approval numbers.

But the 66 percent doesn’t tell the whole story. Because 48 percent think the story is Very Important. That’s almost half. The story that Biden hopes will go away, won’t.

Only 31 percent of people don’t believe the story is important, including 15% who say it’s Not At All important. Those 15% are the ones who now DEMAND Hunter be “hands off” for Republicans (or anyone else) exposing the truth.

Trust and believe that Hunter Biden will be one of the many reasons for the demise of the Democratic Party. Sadly for Democrats, Joey Demento can’t pick up the slack.

Biden is an old racist clown. Don’t be surprised if he mysteriously “dies” in office. Likely on a visit by Hillary Clinton.

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