Joe Biden explains why people aren’t happy

And it's not HIS fault

I remind Democrats that they own Joey “Demento” Biden. After all, they allowed The Big Cheat to occur that put a crackhead’s father in the White House.

Before you tell me we must exempt the activities of Hunter Biden, the aforementioned crackhead, from those of his dad, please remember that the braindead moron Joe Biden installed Hunter as the family point man in their larceny business. Put another way, would you allow your family’s crackhead dominion over your finances and livelihood?

Back to the Crackhead in Chief.

In a recent public appearance, Joe Biden explains the psychology of Americans who may not feel the love for him that he has for himself.


This is a phenomenal negative psychological impact that COVID has had on the public uh psyche. And so you have an awful lot of people who are, uh notwithstanding the fact that uh that things have gotten so much better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking, but, how do you get up in the morning feeling happy? Happy that everything’s alright.

Try to make sense of Biden’s nonsense. I DARE YOU!

Democrats supported every aspect of the Wuflu ruse. And they are now paying the price, literally.

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Bidenflation now impacts every aspect of American life. Yet, their debilitated broken-down, worn out demented leader believes things improved? He claims Americans fare “better for them economically”.

Apparently, Americans just can’t contain our joy for paying $5 for fuel. We rejoice in the unaffordability of the same groceries we bought during the Trump era. And Ramen noodles are in short supply.

Does Biden really want an answer to the question, “How do you get up in the morning feeling happy?”.

The answer is, Americans will be happy when the puppet dictator and his #MeTooNOT Sista Girl are no more. Additionally, we will achieve happiness when the Democratic Party who put that moron illegally into office is decimated.

Red State commented on Biden as follows:

COVID Joe™ has been singularly-obsessed with all things COVID from the beginning of his pathetic presidency. From worthless cloth masks to so-called “vaccinations” and “boosters” (neither are either, by the CDC’s own definitions), to public displays of hypocritical mask foolishness that will long live in the annals of ridiculous COVID history.

So, being the consummate, dishonest politician he is, Biden now minimizes every one of his self-made crises and irrationally blames some made-up psychological impact caused by COVID for making people unable to wake up happy.


Incidentally, this was not Biden’s first ride on the crazy train to Psychological La-La Land. As my colleague Nick Arama reported in November 2021, Joe blamed his in-the-toilet polling numbers on “psychological scars” caused by COVID, which apparently made Americans incapable of stopping themselves from trashing him in approval polls. Again, unadulterated silliness.

I pray that Americans dance on the graves of these anti-American, anti-God, baby-killing Sodomites. Because God knows that if the media did their jobs, Biden would have been impeached. Further, many in his administration would be in prison.

As one Tweeter sums it up:



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