MSNBC Host Loses It Over Biden Poll

He gets a wake-up call

Leftists live in a bizarre world of their own creation. You know- a world where men and women are antiquated constructs. A place where you can pick your sex or choose from 71 (and counting) genders.

Leftists are so warped, they want America and the world to believe our 2020 Presidential Election was legitimate, and Jan 6 was a riot created by Conservative Trump voters.

These same people still believe Trump colluded with the Russians, but Hunter Biden did not. They demonize Trump’s children, while idolizing Biden’s crackhead son. They claim of the latter that he did nothing wrong in Ukraine, Russia, or China while setting up the Biden family racketeering enterprise.

Leftists of all ilk have convinced themselves that Wuflu is the most deadly virus ever, and that the unvaxxed should be imprisoned. They believe that masks, which clearly state they offer little to no protection, indeed protect them from airborne viruses.

Also, Leftists virtue-signal with every special interest or demented cause du jour.

Leftists are as useless as sandals in a sprint, yet they believe themselves to be the most sophisticated of the intelligentsia. Which is why I love warning them with the simple question: What if you are wrong?

MSNBC host Chuck Todd may be starting to get woke from woke.

He expressed shock Tuesday that a majority of Americans held negative views of the economy under the Biden administration.

During a panel segment on his show “MTP Daily,” the liberal host went off on polling that showed a majority of people think the economy is in either a recession or depression, declaring it was “just not true,” and blaming the “right-wing echo chamber” for causing those views. He also accused Americans of not feeling “first world enough.”

“51% believe the economy is in a recession or depression. I mean, look, it’s just not true,” Todd exclaimed after NPR reporter Ayesha Rascoe argued that President Biden wasn’t able, as president, to actually do anything about the rising inflation rates plaguing the country.

“This economy is frustrating. This economy with Covid has been — I’ve got money and I can’t find something. But my god, there’s jobs. There’s good jobs,” he added. “Is this the right-wing echo chamber is better than the Democratic echo chamber? Or is there something else missing here?”

Has Chuck Todd been asleep for the past year? Serious question.

We don’t have to list the many things that have gone south since Trump left the White House. But just in case some liberal happened upon this post, we’ll say it one more time.

    • We’re no longer energy independent.
    • Our president orchestrated the worst military withdrawal in the history of our country. (Afghanistan, in case it wasn’t clear.)
    • Our border is no longer secure.
    • The bag of cereal that was $5 a year ago was $8 last night.
    • Our pipeline was canceled, so that we could buy billions of dollars worth of Russian oil every month.
    • Gasoline has doubled in price.
    • A crackhead sold our “leader” to China.

Of course, those are the things we always talk about when discussing the real state of the union, but the crises don’t end there. Social media continues to censor conservatives. The mainstream media fails to acknowledge Biden’s shortfalls. And the United States is no longer a light on a hill, shining bright for all the world to see. Freedom of speech is gone. As is the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We now live under a dictator who thinks Ukrainians are Iranians and that his son isn’t a crackhead.




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