New Name for Criminals in California

Forget calling them as we see them.

Just when you think Leftists have run out of stupid ideas, they showcase more insanity.

Remember when the “homeless” were just bums, derelicts, vagrants. Well, can’t go giving people who’ve given up on society a name that actually describes their deeper situation, when you can simply call them “homeless”.

Thus, put together homeless collective. Unionize them. Then put the blame on Republicans for the plight of the “homeless.” Next, and most importantly, get the homeless to vote Democrat. That’s the way you achieve progress.

Now, the group who renames everything in order for people not to feel belittled gives America another slice of new terminology.

The Leftists in the land of fruits, nuts, and fairies gives us new lexicon for criminals. No longer will criminals be referred to as such. Instead, crime-infested San Francisco introduced new sanitized language for criminals.

The non-PC terms of the past include, “offender” and “addict”. “Convicted felon” is now “justice-involved person.”

And what of the timing?

In the midst of one of the highest crime rates in America, the Board of Supervisors attack words. And as we know, California has nothing but time as there are no serious issues in the state. Am I right?

First, what about that goofy governor? The man who seems to believe he’s the Governor of Cuidad de California de Mexico. Which reminds me, the Golden State is also plagued with border issues. Especially now that Kamala Harris is in charge of such problems. Unfortunately, while the state boasts of “sanctuary cities,” too many people cross the border illegally. Then, they break the laws and drain the system while natural born citizens face harsher consequences than those who aren’t even supposed to be here. That’s leftism in a nutshell.

Next, California loses lots of companies each year due to massive regulations and high taxes. Again, a problem the governor should be focused on. In fact, many Californians agree that the governor could easily make a positive impact in the state. If only he weren’t such a die-hard leftist. But I digress. We could spend hours discussing the problems in California. What we’re talking about here is mere optics.

Fighting Crime

It would be one thing if calling criminals by some new moniker would take a bite out of crime, but it hasn’t and it won’t. Last year’s holiday season taught us that leftists are helpless against crime. In fact, a new kind of crime, “smash and grab,” spread like wildfire across the nation. And it originated in San Francisco and L.A.

Why? Because liberals wanted to decriminalize shoplifting. No longer were you in trouble for steeling a few hundred bucks. New laws raised those limits to $1,000+. So, what did people start doing? That’s right, they smashed windows, grabbed the goods, and fled, knowing if they were caught, it was likely just a misdemeanor.

California Democrats pretend they’re tough on crime. But for the past decade, laws have repeatedly loosened up criminal codes. Meanwhile, Conservatives warned what would happen to crime rates. Now, those warnings have all come true. But it happens to be an election year. So you can bet Gov. Newsom has some big initiative to crack down on crime. He’ll promise to re-fund the police, raise penalties, whatever it takes to look good in a 30 second ad. But the proof will be missing from the pudding. And if I had to guess, I’d say that’s the biggest reason a lot of Californians are getting the hell out of Dodge.

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