Putin Taunting Biden with Hunter Biden Laptop Info

Anybody believe the New York Times found a conscience and fessed up about its previous Hunter Biden lies?

Because if you suppose that Leftist rag suddenly cares about journalism, then you think a wolverine would make a great house pet.

The question people should ask is what drove the New York Times to have to admit to one of the biggest media lies in history. And what a string of lies

    • Trump colluded with the Russians. Lie.
    • Hunter Biden did nothing wrong in his dealings in Russia, Ukraine, and China.
    • Companies often put crackheads on their Boards, even though they have NO experience. Lie.
    • Hunter Biden didn’t use his father’s position to further the family’s business. Lie
    • Hunter Biden is not a crackhead, but instead a Renaissance man. Lie
    • Joe Biden knew nothing of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Lie.
    • Biden won the election. Lie.
    • Jan 6 was a Trump-inspired insurrection. Lie.

I’m certain that I’ve left out plenty of other denials by Democrats that will ALL be debunked soon. They too will be proven to be lies.

What’s driving the data drops? In a word: Russia!

Consider the info on the biolabs. And the fact that Joey Demento Biden denied it at first. But then Russia released information that proved that the U.S. partnered with Ukraine in this biolab. Notwithstanding, the lab likely manufactures bioweapons.

Next, we learned from the Russians, that Hunter Biden brokered the deal for the biolab.

The American media has been noticeably silent about this.

Then, in more recent news we learn that Hunter Biden’s laptop contains Department of Defense encryption codes. How is this remotely possible? Particularly when Hunter Biden should have no access to anything revolving around the DoD.

Is anybody curious as to how many people have been compromised by Hunter Biden due to his recklessness?

Laptop entered into the Congressional record.

FBI Assistant Director, Cyber Division, Bryan Vorndran on Tuesday provided multiple denials about the whereabouts of Hunter Biden’s laptop. He claimed that in his role, the laptop had no significance. A thin excuse, when you consider the cyber repercussions of the DoD encryption codes found on one laptop.

But now the laptop is a matter of the congressional record. And we will get to explore the contents. I can only imagine how Putin plans to play chess with the Democrats over this.

I think Putin is playing cat and mouse with Biden. Trump seems to believe as I do.

In an interview with JustTheNews, Trump pushed an unproven claim about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia, and asked Putin to release any information that he might have about the situation. It’s not clear that any material exists, or if the Kremlin has access to it.

“I would think Putin would know the answer to that,” Trump said, referring to Hunter Biden’s potential dealings in Russia. “I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”
It is true that Hunter Biden was paid handsomely for consulting work he did in foreign countries, including Ukraine and China, while his father — President Joe Biden — was vice president. The Justice Department has an ongoing criminal investigation into these dealings and potential financial crimes.
Further, we just learned that DoD encryption keys were found on Hunter’s laptop. But he’s never worked for the DoD, and has absolution no excuse for having that type of information.

Still, the truth can’t hide forever. Eventually, it all comes out in the wash. So, what will we learn about the Bidens? Lots. And I can promise one thing. It won’t be pretty.


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