Alyssa Milano BLASTS Father Over Dying Wish

Leftists look for things to be mad about. Colloquialisms, idioms, and so on all must be examined for “woke”.

Even the simple phrase “take care of your mother when I’m gone” caused Leftist simpleton Alyssa Milano to lose it. She tweeted about the saying:

Can we stop saying to our sons things like: “take care of your mother while I’m gone.”

This is insinuating that women can’t take care of ourselves. And it’s bullshit.

I have an idea of what this was, Alyssa. It was a father asking his son to take care of his mother…emotionally!

After all, the man was DYING!

Nevertheless, leave it to Milano to sh*t all over a dying man’s wish. Because for Milano, the wish must have involved MONEY. And we all know from the feminists and their #MeToo movement that women make $028 less than men. Let’s not forget, Milano is one of Hollywood’s biggest hypocrites.

Further, let’s not forget that the #MeToo movement implies indeed that women can’t take care of themselves, since they constantly drone on about, well…being able to take care of themselves while doing nothing to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES!

Everywhere you turn, the “woke” showcase women empowerment. Not that America needs commercials on women empowerment. I mean, Holy Mother of Oprah Winfrey, I suggest to you that we have plenty of so-called empowered {ahem} women out there.

Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rosey O’Donn…well, maybe not Rosey, but I think you get my drift.

But she wasn’t alone, as another Leftist chimed in. This Leftist claims that the father’s ask of his son put undue pressure on the kid.

Why pressure this kid when he should be in school; learning about putting condoms on bananas and watching trans-sexual “women” expose their balls during reading time. But I digress.

What of Professor B’s tweet:

This is where boys are taught that they’re supposed to be in charge of everything. It’s a lifelong source of stress on top of being a bit sexist, because girls are never given this instruction.


How about Professor B’s sexist take on this?

If the father had a daughter, might he have asked the same of her? I suggest that it’s sexist of Professor B and Milano to believe that a father might not have asked this same thing of his daughter.

Roza Calderon fell victim to the same trap, tweeting:

Thank you! Completely agree. Women aren’t objects to be protected. We want autonomy & confidence in our strength. We need to stop pushing the knight in shining armor / damsel in distress cliché tropes.

Quite a lot for Roza to read into this man’s dying wish. “Knight in shining armor / damsel in distress”?

How about grieving mother and child who know they will need to lean on one another during a time of loss?

But there were naysayers to Milano, like Amber Waves who tweeted:

Alyssa Milano trending … again? No one cares what she thinks, says, or what she is doing, but she needs attention, like so many other Hollywood kooks. She’s just another big-mouthed, left-leaning, used-up has-been. Bye-bye, Alyssa! ?‍♀️ And don’t come back.

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