Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Delusions Grow

Let’s be real here. Colin Kaepernick’s football career ended long before he decided to kneel during the National Anthem.

And while he pretends social justice was his goal, we all know Kaepernick just needed some publicity to carry him through.

In the past few years, we’ve watched Kaepernick desperately try to stay relevant. Whether he was looking for a tryout or sending his old clothes to charity (while thinking it made him some special kind of hero), Kaepernick’s strategy has been to stay in the headlines, at any cost.

Apparently, he’s at it again.

Fox News explains:

ESPN star Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday called Colin Kaepernick’s pursuit of coming back into the NFL, even if he has to work as a backup quarterback, “utter nonsense.”

Smith got the last word on ESPN’s “First Take” and said he was “sick” of the conversation about Kaepernick potentially getting back into the league after being out since 2016. The longtime commentator made clear he supported Kaepernick from the time he and the 49ers parted ways to the time he was set to work out for NFL teams during the 2019 season before a waiver issue ended the league-sponsored session.

But Kaepernick is still holding out hope, saying he has “unfinished business” with the NFL. I hate to break it to the less-than-great quarterback, that ship sailed six years ago.

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Too Dumb to Take His Chance

Here’s the thing. Smith buys into the idea that Kaepernick was oppressed and mistreated. He even says Kaepernick should still be playing football. But at least Smith can see that Kaepernick pissed his chance away.

What Smith appeared to take issue with was Kaepernick allegedly not taking any of the help he was given and failing to take advantage of it.

“In 2019, after you filed a lawsuit against the National Football League, after you reached a multimillion-dollar settlement, after you made it clear you don’t have any trust for them and they made it clear they have no trust for you, because of pressure from Jay-Z, who is obviously advising the NFL on social justice issues and things of that nature, along with a multitude of people inside and outside of the media and you’re listening to one of them because I spoke to many people on behalf of Colin Kaepernick, the NFL said we’re gonna conduct a workout. And Colin Kaepernick refused to workout because of some waiver issue, some liability issue,” Smith said.

“At the end of the day, what are you saying, Colin Kaepernick, you didn’t trust them? Well, duh! We know you didn’t trust them. They didn’t trust you because they felt like if an individual team, none of whom called you by the way, if an individual team gave you a workout that you would sit up there, if you don’t make the team, they were saying you might sit up there and accuse us of being racist because they didn’t pick you on the team so as a result we can’t trust you either. Both sides don’t trust one another. Who the hell don’t know that?

“And still, you took the position, regardless of Jay-Z’s help, regardless of the media’s help, regardless of public fury against the National Football League knowing everybody was going to be all over them, watching them like a fine-tooth comb, you still didn’t trust anybody. You want to listen to your lady and your Colin Kaepernick crew and you wanted to debunk everybody else, and here you are having a conversation about football.”

It’s been six years since this clown played pro football. This isn’t the kind of sport you can just pick back up after that long of a break. He’s not at the current level of intensity a pro football player is at. If he were, he would’ve showed up for a workout.

Of course, I’m glad he was a no-show. Because I’m tired of leftists ruining everything. And that includes my Monday Night football.

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